Corrupt a Wish 2.0

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by brickstrike, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. A while back in early 2013 was a game called corrupt a wish.
    I think it's time to bring it back.
    I wish for empire minecraft to become sponsored by mojang! :D
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  2. You never said that it should be sponsored by mojang positively so now it disapproves of the empire.

    I wish that the block by block contest goes well
  3. It falls apart (literally)

    I wish to be xHaro_Der
  4. Your wish fails and you become xxxUber69ProSn1perwithskillzxxx6969696969
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  5. your wish is nonexistent and therefore can't be granted.
  6. Your wish fails because you never made one.

    I wish for more wishes.
  7. You get -2000 more wishes.

    I wish to become the richest player on EMC.
  8. Your local Haro takes all your money.

    I wish to get a life.
  9. You discover cookie clicker the moment you get a life

    I wish I had a Unicorn.
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  10. You don't.

    I wish for air.
  11. It ends up being toxic air.

    I wish that you can shift click into the crafting table.
  12. you get teleported into space. I wish for cookie clicker
  13. You don't get it because I answered before you.

    I wish that princebee didn't try to steal my curropted wish.
  14. I stole that wish.
    I wish for Grand Theft Auto
  15. You get Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars. (lol)

    I wish for dragon eggs. Lots and lots of dragon eggs.
  16. the dragon eggs hatch into dragon babies and tear you into 10,485 little pieces.
    I wish for nothing.
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  17. You dissolve.

    I wish for chocolate.
  18. You get vanilla
    I wish for being able to not understand this
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  19. you lose 100 IQ points.
    I wish for my iPhone to be fixed.
  20. It explodes when you get it back from the apple store.

    I wish I had a car faster then everything else on the world