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  1. Hello everyone, it's Choon here with another thread, this time about the lovely game called "Cookier Clicker!"
    This game is purely about clicking a somewhat large cookie button, to stimulate you baking a cookie, and then that cookie counts as a currency in the game. So if you get a certain amount of cookies, you can make something called a "Clicker" which autoclicks the cookie every ten times you click.

    This game is one of those games that is very, say, time-wasting, no point, somewhat useless, however, it is majorly addicting, and very fun. After you get a strategy, I hear you can get the highest leveled item in about 20 minutes.

    I myself have been playing for maybe an hour, and still haven't gotten to the.... wait a second.. I just got 200k cookies! Wooo! PARTY! YAY!
    (No seriously, I did.)

    Anyways, here's the link, check it out, waste some time, have some fun, Choon out!

    also, discuss some strategies!
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  2. sethbling just made a video on this for minecraft. look it up on youtube im going to try it soon
  3. cookies per second?
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  4. Who ever made this is evil, he just made me the most un-productive person until I finish his game. :/
  5. Mmhm, that's how I found out of the game. ^_^
    Agreed! If not this game, I could've been done with my homework. Curse you sethbling/makers of this game! D:<
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  6. This is, very creative...
  7. I got 25 time machines, 47 portals and 100 clickers. 3 mill per second.
    Took me 1.5 hours
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  8. "Carpal Tunnel Prevention Cream" xD
    I heard about it from AntVenom's video, it had so bad graphics then :p
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  9. Sorry for the double post, but... I bought a mine. ~30 CPS to ~70 CPS :eek:
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  10. Someone save me, I'm trapped in this infinite vortex of procrastination.
  11. I'll save you! Move your mouse/trackpad to the top right corner of your browser then left click!
  12. Welp, gg, I didnt want to do well on that quiz tomorrow anyways
  13. One does not simply do the action of "stopping" whilst playing Cookie Clicker.
  14. Then hit the power button! By accident ;)
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  15. I'm getting over 2,000 CPM. :D :D :D :D :D
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  16. I'm ill at over 300 CPS. xD
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  17. Yeah, my math jumped off a cliff during the summer, It was 150CPS :p
    EDIT: But now i'm at exactly 200CPS.
  18. I think i brokeded my mouse :(
    This is the most addicting game ever
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  19. Have a dab of Carpal Tunnel Prevention Cream. And Geek Squad.
    On a related subject, 500CPS.
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