Contributor Team Application

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  1. Hey Everyone,

    Have you ever wanted to write for the Empire Blog?
    Do you have what it takes to help maintain the Empire Wiki?
    Are you filled with brilliant ideas and just can’t hold them in anymore?

    Then the Contributor Team is the place for you!

    Please fill out the application in order to be considered:

    TAKE YOUR TIME when filling out the app! We read each and every one so it is important to show what you are capable of were we to add you to the team!

    Good Luck Everyone!

  2. Very cool even though I'm not to interested i wish for many others to be
  3. Cool I might apply though no way I'm applying for staff :)
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  4. I just wondering about the blog post question. What are the expected topics and genres of the blog posts? Is it just general Minecraft stuff, or does it have to be related to EMC?
  5. Very cool. I will apply when I get home from school. :)
  6. I wish all who apply good luck! :)
  7. The blog is targetted to generic minecraft stuff, with occasional EMC specific things.
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  8. Good luck to all appliers :) Might give it a go myself
  9. I'd love to, but between Duperia, my exams, homework, and my blogging/activist activities I will be starting after my exams, I simply don't have the time. :(
  10. well this makes me think of my 2 popular blogs (my only ones) on Planet Minecraft haha :p
  11. Awesome! I always find grammatical errors on the wiki..
  12. Idea (The Nuclear Creeper) XD
    and (Empire Wandering Spider)
  13. Get those apps in! I got time to read =)
  14. If only my internet would last...
  15. its ok krysyy i submitted mine a couple hours ago!
  16. I am gonna FAIL.
  17. But, hopefully the sample blog post and my reason to be accepted will make it better!
  18. Please do not discuss about your app if you sent one :)
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  19. Why not?
  20. The staff just prefer you not to :) If you need further info start a pm with a staff member :)
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