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  1. I am having a 115k give-away! pick one of these numbers and you could win 115k rupees! Good-Luck!

    1. bloodra1n
    2. IamSaj
    3. eklektoi
    4. ImParanoid
    5. gimomiko
    6. nickjwolfe
    7. iamfuturetrunks
    8. chickeneer
    9. pietdagamer
    10. SuperVal_Junior
    11. Jakres
    12. SunnyDayz100
    13. Xxandster700xX
    14. mba2012
    15. 333kirby
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  2. Number 7 if you don't mind. :D

    Oh also you could just give it a month or two cause it seems like minecraft gets a new update every other month which adds new stuff to the game makes it more exciting. :D
  3. A good idea, but ill pass :p
  4. If you didnt realise i said 115k....
  5. maybe you should read more carefully b4 you comment
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  6. Well before you go you should come enjoy the look of my res at 1215 (smp1) if you haven't already. Lots of people so far have liked the look of it. :D Just a suggestion.
  7. We'd always be glad for you to return and play with us anytime ... I don't really keep rupees too much as I build alot of projects for people ... but luck of the draw - i'll say 3 :D
  8. Awww, it's a shame you're leaving! I didn't get to know you that well but still, we're gonna miss you!

    By the way, 12 please. ^^
  9. Give me number 9 please :)
  10. #1 for me please! Sorry to see you leaving, I hope I can win this money for a huge project I'm working on with a group : )
  11. 10. Bye. Good luck !
  12. Sad to see you go :( #8
  13. *Cough* sarcasm *Cough* I'm sorry what?
  14. saaa funny bro
  15. Goodbye threads are not allowed so I edited the post to just be the contest.
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  16. ok, no problem, thanks
  17. 7 spots left everyone! just comment a number and you have a chance of winning 115k !!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.