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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by JackBiggin, Aug 2, 2012.

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  1. I am going to enter soon. I just need to make my video. And it is good we have until October 1.
  2. But life isn't a cheesy preteen romance novel. I go for reality... Which is ironic once I get started on a minecraft spree....
  3. so, josh, wanna team up?? ;)
  4. If life were a cheesy pre-teen novel, it would be a lot more interesting, and sex filled.
  5. If life were a cheesy pre-teen novel, I would kill myself.
  6. Agreed. Because sparkling vampires are really fairies that drink blood, and if I sparkled like a fine cut diamond in the sun I don't think I'd be able to live with myself.
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  7. But if you were a vampire, you'd be difficult to kill as well. Problem.
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  8. Is it ok to have other players in it? I'm thinking of doing a cinematic style thing with a few other players in it.

    And if I could get them to meet me in smp3, I could do a side scroll thing in the cinematic with most of the mods.
  9. That's completely fine. :)
  10. Ah, but note I said nothing about killing myself, just that I couldn't live with the sparkling. Huh... We got awfully off topic...
  11. Does this mean we can use ONLY footage from in EMC? or can I like take a quick shot of an enderdragon elsewhere and edit it in?
  12. I would assume it has to be all EMC.

  13. it is done :)
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  14. It's the most badly worded rule ever and I'll change it in a sec. Basically, it means the vast vast majority of the footage must be filmed on EMC. The video must be "set" in EMC. However, provided it's not used excessively, you may include non-EMC content; eg. a few seconds of Enderdragon.
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  15. I will start my video very soon. I need the rupees for my res.
  16. I am making my vid now and I'm about half way!!
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  17. Right Now Would be a good time to make a montage of the funniest and Epic moments that have happened in EMC.
    Too bad I just woke up.
  18. Oh might as well say I am going to have a lets play with Terr.
  19. Lol I am getting exited but I can't do it now either!!
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