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  1. Are you a budding video creator and would like the chance to win some great prizes? Well, here's your chance! You have two months to create your video(s) and upload them as public to YouTube - hopefully bringing some new members to the Empire.

    As always, there are a few guidelines and rules but don't worry, there's nothing too harsh or complex.
    1. The video must be filmed on EMC*. It can be in the form of a lets play, advert ect.
    2. All the commandments must be followed at all times. For example; swearing must be edited/beeped out.
    3. You're allowed to use mics so that viewers can hear you, but this isn't required.
    4. At some point in your video, a link to Empire.us (this may be your referral link) must be shown on screen. This must be edited/placed on a sign ect. - not done in an annotation.
    5. Don't mention names of other servers.
    6. Edit the video how you like. I recommend downloading the 30 day free trial of Camtasia Studio 8 although any editing software works.
    7. Play nice. Don't call someone else's video rubbish, you wouldn't like it.
    8. You can create as many videos as you wish. Each one will be open to voting individually.
    9. You may only include copyrighted music if you credit the creator and understand that YouTube may mute your video or take it down.
    So, I hear you say, what are the prizes. The winner will win...
    • 12 raw fish
    • 2 orange dye
    • 52 clay
    • A stone axe
    • 55 Lapis Lazuli
    • 8 Furnace's
    • 13 cooked chicken's
    • 36 glass
    • A cake
    • An almost completely used diamond helmet
    • 20 purple wool
    • A spider eye
    • 5 redstone repeaters
    • A raw chicken
    • 9 blocks of ice
    • 2 mooshroom eggs
    • 28 wheat
    • 3 ender pearls
    • 3 pistons
    • 10 eggs
    • 2 sand blocks
    • A stack of dirt
    • 17 arrows
    • 64 brown wool
    • An empty bucket
    • A minecart
    • 20 pumpkins
    • 9001 rupees
    • and a month of iron supportership (I will be paying for this and ICC will add it to your account)
    • and 25000r
    • and 2 Unbreaking III diamond pickaxes
    • and a Fortune II Eff III diamond pickaxe
    • and 20000r
    You have until the 1st of October to create your video and upload it. Then there will be a 2 week period where the everyone else can vote for a winner. Everyone who enters will also receive 250r after the winner is crowned and please post a link to your video after you have created it so we can all see it and so I can add it to the vote when we get to it. Good luck!

    The Empire Minecast

    WorldDownloader may be used if needed. However, please state that you used it in the video's description.
  2. wait, we get over 9000 rupees!?
  3. I absolutely love the prize list. I am assuming this is for non-supps only? I wanna make a videooooo, but I currently don't have fraps. I will be looking into it though :) I have an idea.
  4. i better get cracking :D although the prizes are a complete waste of time and will have no outcome xD
  5. Anyone can enter, if a supporter wins, they'll get the option of giving the supporter to a person of their choice or to the next top person that isn't a supporter.
  6. i laughed at the "almost completely used diamond helmet" xD
  7. wow that's really nice of you jack i will support this idea any way i can and might possibly make a video when i get fraps too or a hd pvr whichever i can get first i will
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  8. well I'm going to be nice and give all the stuff i WILL win away =)
  9. That's what I was thinking I would do if I won. :)
  10. Cinematic number #2 lets go!

    Cinematic #1 is here: 44 seconds was made in 12 hours because my recording software is designed to make cinematics in-game and the editing was kind of hard (had to render in HD, this took 2 hours, recording all of the clips took 3 hours, and then I had to piece it all together, which took an hour, the rest was all spent removing blurriness, darklight etc)
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  11. Slight amendment to the rules, if you're read them already please read rule 9 now. :)
  12. wait so we can't use music? D: or do we have to ask to record there res?
  13. All of the music I use is royalty free or paid for.
  14. You can use any music you have the rights to use. E.G: royalty free music.
  15. I've bought the song I'm using
  16. Use royalty free music.
  17. Hey Jack,

    What about the *cough*video*cough* me and you have been working on?
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  18. It's *cough* coming *cough* :p. I think we all know I'm not the fastest.
  19. Is this a Sticky yet? Because if not, it should be :)
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  20. wait so if I've bought it i can use it?
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