[CONTEST] Thanksgiving Pictures 2017

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  1. Guidelines:
    You will create a scene inside of Minecraft, and then take a screenshot of the scene and submit it for judging. The theme for the picture is the Thanksgiving holiday. Size and dimensions are up to you. You may use a resource pack and/or shaders to enhance your picture, but it must maintain EMC vanilla. (Resource packs can not be used to replace vanilla items with non-vanilla items.)

    Pictures can be with or without players posing in them. It is up to you to schedule models for your work.

    Who can enter?
    One entry per person. No alts allowed. Family members on the same IP approved on a case-by-case basis through a pm with Krysyy directly.

    Where will you build/take the picture?
    These must be built on EMC, and the res number or wild coordinates must be submitted with the picture. This is to ensure that modeling software is not used. You've got to catch the moment in real time, as a real photographer would.

    What will you win?
    As with all of the Empire Contests, the first place winner will receive a special one of a kind item. For this contest, the prize is the Empire Photographer's Lens. In addition, there will be large sums of rupees and possibly some other items involved in the prize pool. We ask that any donations be sent to the winners directly after they win, so as to prevent issues with tracking these.

    How to submit:
    Upload your picture to imgur.com and fill out the Google Form to submit your picture for judging. Submissions will close on November 28th. Winners should be announced shortly after. Good luck and remember to have fun with it!

  2. Can't wait to see the awesome entries for this!
  3. Sounds like fun, will have to try to make something.
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  4. Sounds awesome!
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  5. Cool! :)
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  6. I love this :)
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  7. Im going to get started right away I got a perfect res :p
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  8. just uploaded a entry wish me luck
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  9. Another event to participate in ! Should be easier to do >:D
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  10. Looks awesome :)
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  11. Oooh, fancy! I might do something with this :)
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  12. Hehe I know what i'm going to do

    EDIT: hehe already started recruiting people
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  13. I have a feeling which I can do it, but the time frame isn't there for me
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  14. Thanks for bringing back the monthly contests! Awesome! :D
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  15. since im no good at pictures, im just going to sit this out, BUT i wish the best of luck to you all!
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  16. Woo, another contest for me to lose! Looks fun!~
  17. Yay! :D
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  18. Wait.

    Can I not build but use what nature already has given me?
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  19. Sounds like something fun... I might enter if I have the time...
    May I build it on stage btw?
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  20. Go for it :)

    Being able to use stage would give you an unfair advantage over the other players submitting to the contest, so that wouldn't be an option for this contest.