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  1. I need a name for my new app I am developing. Its computer networking related and likely will help diagnose internet issues.

    Some of the functions are as following: Get ip, isp, internet speed, map location, and Network scanning. Your name you choose will go onto an actual iphone app that should be published.

    The contest ends Monday, August 29 2016 at 12:01pm emc time.

    The Reward is an iron voucher.
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  2. PC infohub
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  3. Network monkey :)
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  4. Network Cat
  5. "Should've chosen Android"
    "You brought this on yourself(Get Android)"
  6. Did you turn it off and on?
  7. at first i thought this was a legit question -.-
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  8. I'm usually pretty good at inventing names for my own things, but they don't often make much sense.
    Titles I can also do, usually.
    But this... hm.
    I'll post again if I think of something good.
  9. Time is running out. Keep the suggestions coming.
  10. iHelpNetworks
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  11. EveryNetworkHelp. (ENH)
    A Random App.
    Your Location
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  12. LocationHelp.
    Where Is My Location (WIML)
  13. NetInfo (Short for Network Information ;))
    NetTools (Why are there so many 'net___'s?)
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    • Network Examiner (NetEx)
    • Network Diagnostics (NetDiag)
    • NetSpanner (NetSpan)
    • Network Toolbox
    • Network Locator (NetLoc)
    • Network Diagnostic Kit
    • Last Light Outpost Network Locator
    • Tyler's Network Locator
    • Triple-3 Network Locator
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  14. Shelluser won with "Network Monkey"

    Competition is over, _CTJ_'s "GeniusTools" and shelluser's "Network monkey" were the top two to choose from.

    After a long debate about which to chose and seeing how easy it'd be to have an icon designed. I have gone with shelluser's "network monkey". I may hold a drawing contest in the near future as well.

    Keep an eye out; Thank you very much to those who participated.
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  15. Good joke. We all know that I won. :p
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