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  1. No, ik what it is
  2. No it’s not that I swear
  3. Fine
  4. No preference on what it is? Okay. Here's one of my more recent works. An experimental piece, but I think it turned out okay.

  5. Heh heh, that's cool. :D

    That is also, although in a different sense of the word!
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  7. That was like, a year ago
  8. Not my final thing im going to hand in. Here's what I made in Art class in school. It's a psychadelic type of drawing, I envisioned it entirely by myself, with the colour contrasting the dark background.

  9. I got the info text for you, to add to and give more context to my entry Iter Lanatae. :) (I just noticed a mistake, 'cardinal directions' means only the 4, not the 8, but I didn't want to fix it just for this ;))

    info = "Welcome to Iter Lanatae, or Journey of the Woolly.
    This game is set in Rome. The objective is to catch all of Lanata's ten straggling classmates. But beware, for there are selfie stick sellers about!
    Let me explain the ropes.
    Moving around should be simple enough. It is done using the arrow keys. Lanata can walk in all 8 cardinal directions: for example, holding up and right will make Lanata go Northeast. There's a catch here, though: you can't walk through walls. Or hedges, for that matter, but that's kind of the same thing here.
    When you start a game you will see the entire playing field. This will always be the case when you're touching the shelter Lanata starts in. However, when you are out of the shelter for two and a half seconds, the screen will zoom back to the regular playing level. This way you might see more detail, but you won't be able to see the big picture. But, there's no need to fear - at least, not right away. For you can make the view zoom out yourself: by pressing the 'F' key on the keyboard. This will make the screen zoom out for 2.5 seconds. After that, there's a cool-down of 8 seconds, during which you can't zoom out again: unless of course you reenter the shelter. You won't have to keep track of these eight seconds yourself: when you've got the ability to zoom out, there'll be a graphic of a magnifying glass - err, minifying glass - in the bottom left corner of the playing screen.
    Something you should be able to note quickly is that cream crackers have been scattered across the maze of Rome. Ten in total. You can grab them before touching them: a counter in the top right corner keeps track. Collecting cream crackers alone won't do anything: you'll have to eat them for an effect to take place. When you press the space bar, Lanata will eat a cracker and her moving speed will be significantly faster for two seconds. This is indicated by Lanata glowing yellow. This can potentially be very useful for catching classmates or fleeing selfie stick sellers; but sometimes the risk might not be worth it, as some of the crackers are lying out of the way of safe routes, and in the way of selfie stick sellers.
    As said, the objective is to catch all ten classmates wandering Rome. These classmates will start at the same place each time, and start moving right away, in a random direction. Each classmate has got a different moving speed and waiting time. When their waiting time is up a classmate will start moving in a new direction (which could be the same as their previous direction). Lanata's classmates can only move diagonally, and bounce against walls. At least, that's the case in this video game. If Lanata touches any of them, the caught classmate will disappear and the counter in the bottom right corner will increase. After all 10 classmates have been caught, Lanata has to go back to the shelter in the middle of the playing field. If she succeeds in doing so, the game is won.
    As warned against before, though, there are the selfie stick sellers. These will be moving around along set paths. When Lanata gets too close to a selfie stick seller, he will start moving towards Lanata. Selfie stick sellers move at a slower speed than Lanata does, but they've got one big advantage: they can go through walls. By careful and clever manoeuvring, you might be able to lose the selfie stick seller, as when you get a large enough distance between Lanata and the selfie stick seller he will move back to his regular path.
    This can be tricky, but a cream cracker might help here. Another good tip would be to move back to the shelter, as selfie stick sellers will clear off once you're save in there. And or course, don't forget you can zoom out using 'F' if you want to know where Lanata is located in relation to the shelter, and other selfie stick sellers. Additionally, when zoomed out, a red circle will be displayed around Lanata, which shows the radius within which a selfie stick seller will follow her.
    Remember: the selfie stick sellers move along fixed paths. That knowledge might give you an advantage, if you can know ahead of time where a selfie stick seller is going to go.
    If you do not manage to shake them off, however: woe betide! It isn't 'game over' immediately, though, don't worry. Lanata has taken two extra apples on her, and if a selfie stick seller catches her one of those apples will be sacrificed. For five seconds, then, selfie stick sellers will not follow Lanata and she'll be invincible. If this happens another time: same thing. Third time might be a charm to the selfie stick sellers, though - or fifth, when playing on the 'Normal' difficulty: if you lose your last apple to a selfie stick seller, you're done for. :(
    But that's why there are multiple difficulty options to choose from. It could be advised to start out on the 'Easy' difficulty: here, miraculously, there aren't any selfie stick sellers around at all. At this difficulty, you'll be able to learn the controls and traverse the maze without the constant tension of needing to avoid the selfie stick sellers.
    Then, when you feel like you are ready for some more, you can try the 'Normal' difficulty. This is where the selfie stick sellers come into play: seven of them, to be exact. This could potentially be really tricky, especially if you let your nerves get to you. But it should be doable!
    And the 'Hard' difficulty... well, it's actually hard. There are ten instead of seven selfie stick sellers here, and they move a bit quicker than in the normal difficulty too, so it gets quite difficult to get rid of them without residing to the shelter. You've got the minimum of 3 apples here too, instead of the 5 'Normal' gives you. Besides skills, you might need some good luck here, as well: for if the classmates don't cooperate, it can get very taxing to complete the job before the clock runs out.
    Because yeah, that's something I should also mention: you're battling against time, too. When the countdown stops and Lanata gets the ability to move, the time will start ticking as well. 300 seconds, or 5 minutes: that's all you get. And when it's up... well! Tough luck!
    I hope I haven't scared you off too much: as no matter how good you do, this game should be fun. ;)
    Enjoy!! [read on]

    Some hints, tips and reminders:
    - You can press F to zoom out whenever the minifying glass is present.
    - Speeding up by consuming a cream cracker can help you escape selfie stick sellers.
    - The crackers aren't necessary to collect to beat the game.
    - The selfie stick sellers move along a set path normally, which stays the same for every individual selfie stick seller.
    - When zoomed out, the red circle around Lanata shows within which radius selfie stick sellers will follow you.
    - Optimise your path through the game and escape from selfie stick sellers by taking corners diagonally.
    - You can press P to pause the game whenever necessary.
    - There's a handy key reference, you can find it in the title menu.
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  10. Bump! 2 more days to enter
  11. Bump! Last day to enter
  12. And that's about it! No more submissions will be accepted as the 3 judges decide our winners based on a ranking of 1-10 and then adding up the total scores to determine the winners. Good luck to all of you results should be in by this weekend
  13. Awesome! I cannot wait to see what the results are! :)
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  14. Good luck, everyone! :D
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