[Contest] Let Me See Your Creativity!

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  1. Howdy y'all! If you all have been lurking on the forums at the right time, you may have seen my comic thread. So yeah, arts my thing when it comes to creativity. But I want to see what you do to be creative!
    So there you have it! Your mission if you choose to accept it: Create and piece of art using whatever you'd like or submit a previous art project! (Drawing, Perler Beads, Glass, Paint, Photography, Music etc.) Post your art works here by April 15th 11:59 EMC Time.
    I want to see you in your full creative potential! And if course, its not a Comander thread without some prizes.
    Your art will be judged by me, a friend (guess who :p), and another player.
    Prizes will be as followed:

    1st Place: 50k
    2nd Place: 25k
    3rd Place: 15k
    All participants get a Participation Award as well!

    I wish you all the best of work and get crafty!
  2. Hm, interesting!
    One very important question: should a submitted piece be started after seeing this thread?
    Also, when I read
    I understood that you would accept any creative forms, but from your examples it seems like you're only going for a limited scope of art. How about music, literature, photography?
  3. Thank you for the question! Any form of art will be accepted! Will add more examples right now, and any art done previously will also be accepted
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  4. So I could just submit my favourite composition? (which would be a challenge to decide on... :p)
    One entry though, I assume? Although it would be nice if we could retract a previous entry if we come up with something better. Maybe I'll try composing something new before the deadline... ;)
  5. Sure, whatever you'd like. If you change your mind as to what you submit that is OK. And yes, one entry per person
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  6. Here is this I painted with physical paint and stuff. :D I consider it one of my best works.

  7. Ooh I like the style stny
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  8. I'm making a song
  9. I spent a total of 5/6 months trying to make this. It was one of the hardest projects that I've ever done at the time. The program to run it was very finicky and only runs on a 32 bit windows OS. Every single animation frame can be still viewed from inside the file folders.

    Deviantart link

    Edit: Just googled out of curiosity and did find an updated version that will run on a 64 bit OS. Time to animate some more characters!:D
  10. I has decided to grace all of EMC with this hot pic:
  11. To bad I don’t have any of those cursed images from art class
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  12. Lovely idea :D
    Are we limited to submit only one piece of art?
    I can not decide what to post here. Are photoshops and edited videos okay? :p
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  13. Just one, and any form of art is good, so if Photoshop is your thing it's under the pictures category
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  14. I think this is my most creative work so far! ;)

    (the music; the graphic can be bonus points, but not deduction points please :p)
  15. Could you maybe record and upload a video, for those who might not want to install the program? :)

    It's taking a while to install Java... and now it still says I don't have Java. :( I want to check it out!

    Edit: Also, check the .txt files... it looks like they have been saved with ANSI encoding, so they can't be read. xD (ANSI doesn't include Japanese characters, you should select an encoding of Unicode)
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  16. Sure I can make a small video. Give me some time and I'll have it uploaded.

    I have ran into the whole coding issue before with another person. Since I used the Japanese version of the program, sometimes the text files caused an issue. I was able to help them get it running by swapping the two text files with the text files that came from the English version.

    I also had to swap the xml documents around sometimes too.

  17. This is super cool! I didn't even know that you could make something like this
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  18. I want this lol but with a bunch of baby villager that look like my profile pic xD