[CONTEST] I was dumb - and two of you will benefit :)

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  1. I just died....painfully...for the first time in what seems like forever. So in celebration of that rare event for a minty I am giving away my head.

    How to win this prize you ask? It's simple. My death was on smp7. You will guess the date and time of my last death on smp7 prior to my death tonight.

    The person who gets it right, or gets it closest without going over, will win head #1. I will accept either specific date/time entries or # of minute/days ago entries.

    For the second head, the first person to tell me how I died in that unfortunate incident will get head #2. Keep in mind I am a minty so the normal bounds of miserable deaths for you all do not apply to me.

    Only one person can win each head. So if the first person to guess the date correctly also is the first to get the method correct, that person will win head #1 and we will move to the second person that guesses the method correctly for head #2.

    The contest will end at 11:59 PM EMC time on Friday, October 10th or when both answers are guessed correctly - whichever comes first.

    Staff and alts are not eligible to enter cause that's no fun. Others may enter with alts if they wish but you only get one guess for each giveaway per account (i.e. you can guess time and method on account one, but account one cannot guess again).

    Now go and make my misfortune be to your benefit!
  2. Last death: December 2nd, 2018
    Cause of death: /kill by a fellow senior staff
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  3. I have a feeling your last death was on May 11th of this year
    Cause of death: Mob Arena vs. Burki

    In terms of how this death happened... possibly fell into the void :cool:
    I wouldn't be surprised if you were in spectator mode and did /fly.. It's all down hill from there :p
  4. I logged off and missed something :eek: Bad timing tonight on my part.

    As to your last death:
    was it from a Super Turkey (aka chicken with powers)
    and occurred on November 10, 2018
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  5. February this year

    Died from disabling fly and falling to death
  6. How about how you died this time? :p

    I'm going to guess the previous death was on June 30th, 2013. Oh, wait, you weren't here yet then, you arrived after ShelLuser. Um... June 30th, 2015 then. :p
  7. Bumping on up - get them entries in!
  8. Uhm my guess is your last death was on 13 May 2016, because it's a Friday the 13th :p

    Cause of death: tried to swim in lava
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  9. Was your death last April?
    Cause of death: A mini boss / momentus?
  10. LOL.

    March 8th, 2017

    Cause of death: "fell from a high place"
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  11. Bumpity dumpity. Got a little over 26 hours to make your guesses :)
  12. Ill guess your last death was in July?
    Cause of death: accidentally entering the wrong parameters in /kill command
  13. "I was dumb...." Everyone's going for fly off at the wrong time.... This is unlikely but I'm taking the other route: Came out of invis without armor at the wrong time in the wrong place. (that would be a hilarious woops but very unlikely)

    As for last death? I don't know you well. I'm still gonna say January 1st, for a new year's death? (this one's more of a guess of laughing)

    I really expect nothing more than 2 laughs. xD
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  14. Alright, both heads were won. But some of you asked about my most recent death. So first.....

    For reasons that elude me, I was under the impression I could jump off a ledge at build height on a horse. The horse would die and I would be fine.

    I mean I can get over my horse dying - I can just make another. BUT ME!?!?! :(:(

    Coincidentally (I did not check my death log before starting this contest) my previous death was also caused by gravity induced madness and from what I can see it was at the back end of a PvP event occurring on September 24, 2018.

    So, the winners of the Heads are as follows.

    Head #1: Cam7051 with a guess of April 2018 (closest without going over)
    Head #2: Stnywitness (nailed reason exactly)

    Wnvine - soooo close. Unfortunately this occurred as a PvP event I was participating in was beginning to wrap up so sadly flying would not have been in the picture.

    Winners: I will deposit heads into your vaults as soon as possible, but no later than 48 hours after the posting of this message. Major work deadline at 5pm this Tuesday :)

    Next time I'm gonna have to find a way to pull a "ElfinPineapple blew up ElfinPineapple" stunt or getting a couple mobs to kill me simultaneously. Gotta keep you all guessing.

    I have done *all* of those reason though. :)
  15. We must arrange an Elfin v 1000 withers soon :rolleyes:
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  16. Wow! I was startled when I saw this! Sweet! Thanks Elfin for this giveaway! I've always wanted a pineapple head! :D
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  17. ... wait so even my laughing guess of cause of death? (Came out of invis without armor at the wrong time in the wrong place?) That would be hilarious.... I have done that in a vanilla way and as painful as it is it is quite hilarious...

    Congrats to the winners.
  18. Heads have been mailed to the winners. Congratulations once again!
    People no....mobs are another story. I have lost count the number of times where I unvanished into survival and immediately got blown up by a creeper I didn't know was creeping behind me.

    Also, for any future minties who see this: Don't go into survival with several diff 10 mobs and minibosses around....

    Just take my word for it and don't. :p
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