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  1. So we can enter more than 1 entry right?
  2. The rules say up to 3, but I put that in mostly to avoid having one or two people flood the thread. I'm open to just about anything EMC can toss my way.
  3. Bumping this for the weekend - entries accepted until midnight Sunday (which would technically be Monday)!
  4. Contest ends midnight EST tonight! If you've got submission ideas, post or PM them today!
  5. I have two stories, both pvp related, you can pick either or both if you like!
    1. I was leader of a faction, Ultimate Edge, we were the 'hero' side of factions and very well known and big. There was however an enemy clan named USMC, the 'villain' of the server, also big in size and well known. One time a member for UE got a tip on where the base of USMC was, we went to the spot and confirmed it was the base. We waited till almost little to no members of USMC was on and more UE members were on. We ran into the base, tore it apart, and looked to be winning until: The leader came on. Decked out in god-like armor and sword, he killed us multiple times, but in a change of events, we all rushed him and killed him. Picture the excitement in our faction chat.
    2. It was a peaceful day in the pvp world, no one messed with anyone. I was on skype, on browser games enjoying my day off from school, suddenly I get a skype message saying "We are getting raided". A new clan, named Nuclear Waste, found our base and was attacking us. "This is our home and we know it better than them" I said to my clan in our chat. There was only me and two other guys there to defend our home, we used the best we could, using mainly dirt and bows to advance until they were out of our base. Once they were defeated we packed up and left our home.
  6. Only a bit more than 30 minutes remaining. :) Hope to hear more ideas from you guys!
  7. "Hey you, yes you over there, can you make some more fireworks, and make 'em good."
  8. It is 12 :D
  9. Last minute entry:
    Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow.
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  10. Har har har...

    It is indeed past 12. I shall review the entries and post the results later this week. :)
  11. I had a feeling I would have won if I wasn't late ;).
  12. Maybe if the main character is Cordial's sig-kitty...

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  13. It was inspired by JC's cats haiku
    "Meow meow meow meow meow
    Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow
    Meow meow meow meow cats"
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  14. I always see these things too late...
  15. Ok. I live on the West coast and see times late, but:

    "So, do anything but right-click the TNT"
    So I right clicked the TNT.
  16. has a winner been chosen?
  17. Not yet, sadly. My job keeps me busy pretty much the whole day. Hoping to reach a decision by Saturday though.
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  18. I've finished cataloging and reading through the entries... and I may consider revising this contest.
    There are a few that spark my interest enough to write from, and I certainly have enough rupees at this point to reward more than one winner.
    Will keep you all posted - look for the next update tomorrow evening.

    And happy Halloween everyone!
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  19. Story about a hamster eating a potatoe that is 3x bigger than the hamster. But then the hamster turns radioactive and the unthinkable happens... *finishtehrest*

    Is it still eligible to enter because that'd be something that I would buy lol
  20. So here's the verdict:
    I'm going to select three entries, and make short-story snippets for each. Not a complete tale, maybe a paragraph or two. I will then post a poll, and let you guys decide which of those three you'd most like to see as a full story. :) Winners will be determined by public vote.
    -First place winner remains as detailed in the OP.
    -Second and third-ranked snippets will be awarded an amount of rupees (TBD) and a book (signed by myself) with the short story based on their entry.
    I will not post the names / submissions associated with each snippet until the end of the poll - you're welcome to guess or speculate (if you must), but I want people to judge based on their literary preference. ;)

    I'll post a thread this weekend with the poll and the three entries I've chosen, when I'm finished writing up the snippets.
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