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  1. Dear EMC, my pen has grown lazy. It sat unattended in my absence, and now refuses every thought and deed I offer it. The squid approach my boat, taunting me with ink they know I cannot use. A hefty stockpile of tomes fills my vault, their pages desolate and empty.
    I am an author without a muse. The half-finished tales defy my every effort to complete and transcribe them.

    And so I turn to you, my friends, for inspiration...

    So, as some may already know, my desktop PC suffered catastrophic failure a couple months ago, rendering me unable to enjoy Minecraft, or indeed most any game more complicated than Pong. Even before that however, my inspiration for new books had all but dried up, leaving the Nucleus series in perpetual cliffhanger and several half-finished manuscripts unfit for the light of day. And that's where you come in.

    What I need is inspiration. Something to make writing fun and energizing again. I want your stories, great and small, short or epic. I want your tales of survival and adventure, the silly and the serious. I want to hear something interesting, something that demands it be put to page for all to see.

    The one who can inspire me, who can provide such a tale that it simply must be told, will win three things:
    • My sincere gratitude. I really enjoy writing, as this post probably indicates - I just can't latch my mind onto a proper story.
    • A place on my book shelf. More specifically, your story will be made available in-game for all to enjoy, courtesy of Tiger's Text Bookstore - on both SMP1, Lunarios Tower (res. 104) and SMP8, Casa Del Keph (res. 16087). Oh, and your name goes on the sale-sign - any profits are yours.
    • 50,000 Rupees. Because y'know, people tend to respond better to bribery.
    Now before you all scurry away thinking "Bah, my writing sux, I can't win this," I'm not asking you to write the book(s) for me. That's my job, and it's one I'd very much like to get back to. When I say "inspire me," I mean something simpler. Don't try to write me a novella, you may as well be selling your own books. Just give me a prompt, a premise, a "one-time-at-base-camp" scenario. Tell me something interesting/funny/weird that happened, or an idea you think might make for a great story. NOTE: It doesn't have to actually be based on a true story! Making stuff up is perfectly acceptable.

    • Bad: "It was pitch black in the tunnel. I'd used my last torch some time ago, and now I could not even see the stone in front of my face. The dull moan of zombies echoed all around me, but gave me no sense of direction. Was it a cave? A ravine? A nearby dungeon? I chipped at the rock, praying for any spark of illumination, if only it meant an exit from the accursed darkness."
    • Good: "I was mining and ran out of torches. I could hear mobs nearby but had no idea where, and couldn't even see where I was digging."

    I suppose now you'll all be wanting some contest rules, so here goes:
    • 500-woord Maximum. I don't want you to write me a story. I want you to give me the inspiration to write one myself. I don't care if it's actually "based on a true story" or not, as long as it's interesting.
    • 3 Entries Maximum. One is all it takes really, as long as it's a good one.
    • PMs are Permissible. If you don't want to share in this thread, that's fine. Just don't expect more than an "Entry Received" in response, until the end of the contest.
    • I am the Judge, Jury, and Author. Again, the purpose is to give me something interesting to write about. This is completely subjective, and my opinion of what sounds "the most interesting" is the only one that's going to matter here.
    • End Date: October 27th, EST (GMT-5). This means that as long as my screen shows a post date of 10/27/13 or earlier, your submission will be considered.
  2. A very long time ago, there was a planet in a nearby solar system to ours.
    It's name: Hermes. Named after the Greek God of legend. But for all the right reasons...
    Not so much a planet it was, a purple and desolate place at the time, but... in the now, it was a space ship for our race.
    How we could ever make a planet a ship? and how did we reach it? So many questions, but do not fret. For we have all the time in both worlds...
  3. From the ashes rise a sword. But who holds this tool for death, a hero or a menace, to find this out we must go back far before the sword was placed into his hands. This story takes place during the Dark Ages, after the collapse of the empire.
    After the Roman Empire collapsed our lives changed, new rulers, new lives, new ways to survive. There was a major battle for power in our city between two families, the Mcloan's and the Brison's...

    • Then i would imagine a story of the two families leading up to the major battle
    • I know its kind of jumbled... just throwing ideas out there
    • hope i helped a bit:)
  4. one time while my school was hosting a 5k run/walk, I was handing out waters and some old lady comes up and asks "watcha got?" (the end hope this helps)
  5. Through the worst and best of times, we must keep fighting on, you will regain your pen soon Keph, and it will be better then ever before.
  6. All very intriguing ideas. :) Keep 'em coming!

    I'd prefer to stay away from stuff like this though - I'm not interested in "X, but with minecraft!"
    Credit where it's due I suppose, at least it's a peculiar story.
  7. "I told you not to get on the stupid plane."
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  8. As I was building my bungalow I turned around as I hear a strange noise. "hsssssssss" I go inside and I here it yet again. "hsssssss" As the night fell I slept but then heard it again. "hssssssssss" I wake up and after going outside I look around and then I find.... CREEPER!!!!!
    Minecraft Related Storty: By Loaf
  9. The Tale of Brutus: By Loaf

    In you history classes and such you may have heard of the warriors such as herculies and achillies but no tale is as inspiring as the tale of brutus. Brutus was the black sheep of his family. While he was the strongest and smartest of his family he would never fight or harm anything or anyone. One thing that made this warrior special is that he would always put others over himself. After conflicts between Sparta and Persia he had to fight for his people. he would never fight but he would always put himself in front of others. He died that day but saved the city from invaders. Legends says that he is now one with the sky, watching over us and giving us light in our darkest hour.
  10. Sitting aboard a ship, bored out of my mind, I looked up. A mysterious ship was in the distance. I blinked, and it vanished. I blinked again, and the ship reappeared, much closer.
  11. I was walking through the dense evening forests when i heard leaves crinkling. I turned around and saw nothing so i kept on walking. As i got farther through i heard the crinkling again but it was closer this time. I tirned around and there was nothing there again. It seemed odd so i started to jog and then i felt something lightly skim my shoulder so faintly and i turned and again nothing. So i started to run and then thats when i saw it, the hashslingingslasher!!!!! I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me and dove through my front porch window and looked up and saw it.

    Came up with that on my own :D
  12. Bump for the morning.
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  13. And a nudge for the evening. Thanks to everyone who's submitted ideas so far :)
  14. I think you got the goods and bad mixed up :p
  15. No, that was intentional.
    As I said, what I'm looking for is a reasonably simple prompt, an idea or core concept for inspiration.
    If you can write and embellish to the degree that it's fine writing on its own, then you should probably be writing your own books. ;)
  16. A few years back, I used to be a superhero (obviously not true but doesn't have to be) and my name was the leaner, meaner, microwave machiner. Unfortunately, my city, metalopolis, was built out of metal utensils, and my microwave themed powers didn't mix too well with the infrastructure
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  17. tonight fo suppa I ay want a paytee platta!!!
  18. Bump for the evening. :)
  19. I was sitting atop a mountainous range, enjoying the nature below. Then a sudden wind blows a flower into my hand. Suddenly everything turns dark, and I am stranded at the to of the mountain. (You get to make u the rest :3)
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