[CONTEST] -[1 DAY LEFT] - Photoshop Aikar and the Red Dragon

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by bonzd67, Dec 9, 2013.

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  1. Type: Photoshop Competition / Contest
    Description: As mentioned during our staff meeting last night, iSmooch and I are running a Photoshop contest. This is a very simple contest. We want to see your photoshop work. Take photos of Aikar and Kryssyjane9191 (as the red dragon) and put them together! iSmooch, Krysyyjane9191, ignoramoose, and myself will judge these.
    Time / Date: Judgements will be made by the end of the week. (12/14/2013) This thread will be locked on Friday at 23:59 EST (or around that time.)
    Prize(s): 100,000R from iSmooch; 50,000R from bonzd67; 5,000R from Qwerty; more?
    Donations: PM me (bonzd67) to add donations.
  2. lol, /frontpage :p
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  3. I'll donate 5k, because why not.
  4. I look forward to the results of this =P
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  5. Wut? Here we go again...
  6. Here are two I made in a previous thread, I will be sure to make plenty more :]

  7. I may do a contest to see what you can do with "whats her names" face in that first picture. That could be funny. :D
  8. MinecraftChick's Face xD
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  9. Not every contest has to be frontpaged
  10. Not every post has to be serious, was joking
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  11. Will edit this post later to add my submission which I pm'd bonzd and smooch before this thread was made.

    Oh my god, look how excited and happy aikar looks that he won the costume contest at minecon. I can't even, its just too much

    and dem paint skillz doe
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  12. bump
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  13. Bonzd, next contest should be photoshopping the second doctor and any of the doctor who's face on her red dragon costume.
  14. its a take over!

    aikarkrssy pen.jpg
  15. lmao...not exactly what we had in mind....
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  16. idk Q.Q i was bored lol

    so hard to find pics of aikar lol
  17. I should make a texturepack and all mobs will have aikar's face :D
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  18. bump again. get those entries in
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