[CONTEST] 1.7.4 Treehouse Build off!

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  1. It can be smaller than 40x40, correct? Stupid question, I know
  2. Yes it van be :)
  3. Datt bump!
  4. Another bumpehh
  5. How many entries?
  6. one per person. :)
  7. No, how many people have entered
  8. I think around 5 to 10. Not many contestants:(
  9. Wow... I was expecting 15+, I may enter mine in the next day or so.
  10. Minecraft name: marine4121
    Category: Treehouse
    Name of build: the oak
    Server & Residence number: smp2, 3819

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  11. Well I have a few more days then I thought >: )
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  12. Hey Eclipsys, can we enter any time on the 8th, or does it have to be by 12:01 on the 8th?
  13. you can still enter till 0:00 on February 9th.

    I will judge on the 9th and hand out prices
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  14. Minecraft name: creepybanana1000
    Category: Treehouse

    Name of build: Edoc'sil Laufsbladar (Unconquerable Leaves)
    Server & Residence number: smp9, 18988
    Short description: A world tree with an elvish-style network of hanging buildings. The tree also has a hollowed out centre, a stylised ground floor with rooms and a mezzanine with a balcony around the circumference of the tree in addition to a top floor which leads up into an open canopy (Branches and leaves not entirely finished).
    New wood blocks: Acacia Log, Dark Oak Log, Dark Oak Planks
  15. More photos:

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  16. Texturepack?
  17. It's a custom one using Painterly, an edited painterly that Kephras uses, art found on the internet, and a 128x texturepack called MC Realism. It's very customised as a whole.
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  18. So... Any results yet?