[CONTEST] 1.7.4 Treehouse Build off!

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  1. Contest: Build your own Treehouse!

    The Epic Contest brought to you by: amadai & Eclipsys :D

    What do you have to do:
    Build your own treehouse using at least 3 new wood types (either logs or planks) and any other block you like. It must fit a 40x40 plot and the tree trunk must be at least 8 blocks high.

    Additionally you can also add a garden. The garden should also fit the 40x40 plot and should have at least 3 of the new flowers.

    There will be 6 categories for prizes:
    • Treehouse Originality
    • Treehouse Overall Look
    And for the gardens:
    • Garden Originality
    • Garden Overall Look
    Combination prizes:
    • Combi Originality
    • Combi Design & Overall look
    PLEASE NOTE: You can build:
    1. The Treehouse AND a Garden
    2. Only a Treehouse
    3. Only a Garden
    So you dont HAVE to build a Treehouse, if you wish to build a Garden that is also allowed! Hence the 3 different categorys :D

    Participation form:
    Minecraft name:
    Category: (Treehouse, Garden or Combi)
    Name of build:
    Server & Residence number:
    Short description

    Winable prizes:
    Overall First place: 10,000r + Turkey Slicer + Custom Signature by amadai
    Overall Second place: 7500r + Custom Signature by amadai
    Overall Third place: 5000r

    First place for any one of the categories: Custom Signature by amadai
    Second place for any one of the categories: Custom Signature by amadai

    Prizes will change if people want to donate towards the prizepool :D


    You have until Saturday, February 8th, to build

    Happy Building,
    amadai & Eclipsys
  2. I have an awesome idea already :)
  3. Can we make just a garden and no tree house?....
  4. Yes, yes you can!
  5. Get buildin' folks! Come on :D
  6. I like you! :D
  7. I will be entering this! Watch out everyone ;)
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  8. Where's the rest of the contestants :p?
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  9. I might give it a try, then again I'm bad at building with texture and such :p
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  10. before sleep bumpz
  11. Minecraft name: DemonThunder345
    Category: (Treehouse, Garden or Combi) Combi
    Name of build: Lekar TreeHouse
    Short description Two big trees and then staircases going up into the build that is also supporter by cobwebs
    2014-01-12_20.40.11.png 2014-01-12_20.36.31.png 2014-01-12_20.40.27.png
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  12. Early European morning bump :D
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  13. Epic Tree Trunk Top Trump Hump-a-bump!
  14. Wow i just saw this, and I have been working on mine for a couple weeks, I wont enter it yet as its incomplete, if you want to check it out, 3819.
  15. Aw C'mon folks! Let's get creative :D!
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  16. But. Leaves are green but green isn't a creative color D:
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  17. ''To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.''
    ~Thomas A. Edison
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  18. Pshaw.
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