[CONTEST] 1.7.4 Treehouse Build off!

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  1. Could we do singleplayer treehouse that fits within 60x60?
  2. Please keep it on EMC, and within 40x40. This is so that everyone builds it without creative/world edit, and everyone builds with equal possibilitys
  3. What a shame, my current project is a 60x60 treehouse. Could I perhaps just make a dirt platform to cover the exposed roots and enter it? Also, do the leaves have to be within 40x40?
  4. That is a good one, the treehouse should fit the 40x40, tree trunks and or leaves can be different sizes
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  5. Is there any material limitations or requirements that need to be followed?
  6. Build your own treehouse using at least 3 new wood types (either logs or planks) and any other block you like. It must fit a 40x40 plot and the tree trunk must be at least 8 blocks high.

    Additionally you can also add a garden. The garden should also fit the 40x40 plot and should have at least 3 of the new flowers.
    other then these, none :)
  7. Is dark oak stairs, spruce planks, oak logs and birch planks fine?
  8. yes, because Dark Oak is new :)
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  9. Aw so does mined count anymore then :(
  10. ka-bump-er-derp
  11. treebarkbump
  12. I've decided I am going to enter every single competition that I can complete in a short time frame. :)

    Even though I may not be able to put in the time/effort to win, you gotta support the player events!

    So I'll think of something. :p
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  13. Aww C'mon folks! You can do this :D
  14. Manatee bump!
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  15. Ok, I've finally finished the design in Creative, so I can copy the build on the server throughout this week.
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  16. Bump for more trees of epicness :D
  17. Dose furnishing count?
  18. What do you mean by count? if it counts when you build them?
  19. Minecraft name: trent948
    Category: Treehouse and Garden
    Name of build: Ziggy948's Tree House
    Server & Residence number: Smp2 3536
    Short description: This tree house has been built by trent948 and flamingziggy. (Note it is still a WIP)
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