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  1. Hey everyone.

    We're aware of the connection issue going on. Justin has been alerted and is in the process of getting it taken care of. Thank you for your patience and please don't make extra threads about it. :)
  2. Why so slow? Gosh I was actually going to play on EMC.
  3. I know you us are doing your best :)
    Everyone should go read a book while they wait lol
    (I am reding "the lost world " ) XD
  4. fixed for you ;)
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  5. yay an official thread. tyvm icc :) my addiction to EMC will be fullfilled again soon!! glad to hear it! thank you guys for all your hard work!
  6. Fixed for you ;) LOL
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  7. *Jeremy runs around closing threads like a mad cow*
  8. icecreamcow to the rescue!!!!! :3
  9. I know it sucks when things like this happen, but sadly, technology is a reactionary business not a preventive one most of the time. However, I'll have you know that as SOON as we know something is wrong, which is usually instantly, we drop what we're doing and get to fixing it.
  10. I bet most of ICC's way of dealing with things is by putting tnt at the core of the problem :D
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  11. Justin rebuilds the server cores with materials we've mined while I PVE the creepers who destroyed them. It's a pretty sight to see actually.
  12. Woot :D Though it lets me get on the server 0_0
  13. Justinian is probably on it as we speak.
    Wait... Justin... Emperor of EMC... Justinian... Emperor of the Byzantines...
    OHMAGASH! Justin's new nickname! :p
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  14. Pretty ehh? are the tnt explosions filled with sparkles and rainbow colors?
  15. Yes.
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  16. Yes. Are yours not?
  17. LOL2.jpg
  18. Sadly mine are gloomy.... reminds me of another post