Confused about the Frontier?

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  1. First of all, sorry for asking a seemingly stupid question. I'm brand new to the server and still figuring this all out. XD

    So after claiming a plot in Town, I decided to go to the Frontier to try and build something. Once I traveled a good distance and began to set up camp, I wanted go back to the Town world to store the stuff I had collected. I know that you have to go to spawn to return to the Town, but what confused me was how to get back to my spot in the Frontier. Do I actually have to walk back and forth every time, or is there a way to teleport there? And if you can't teleport there, what is the point of building stuff in the Frontier?

    Thanks in advance for the help!
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  2. You cannot teleport in the frontier. Your best option is to make a nether rail.
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  3. You do have to walk back and forth every time.

    However, if you decide to establish your outpost (you really should think about doing so if you plan to make a base in the Frontier), you'll eventually be able to claim the land and teleport there. There's no ETA on that, yet, so don't get your hopes up. ;)

    An alternative to running back and forth every time, if you want to have a town plot and wild base, is to make your wild base on another server than your residence is on. You can easily switch back and forth between your residence and your wild base without having to travel back and forth.

    If you decide to do that, though, you would have to move either your residence or your wild base to another server. If you already have a lot build it's a pain, but for 150k senior staff can move your res to another server.

    Oh, and welcome to the Empire! :)
  4. What they said above, and as I haven't seen an introduction post yet let me say,
    Hi JT. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
  5. Best bet is to make a portal.

  6. Sorry for a late response, most of your questions have been answered above but I still wanted to address something else. Only took me a little longer..

    There is no such thing as a stupid question in my opinion. No worries: these support forums are meant to be used. The Empire is a very complex and extensive server, so when in doubt its a good idea to ask and make sure. Especially when it comes to stuff such as the Frontier :)

    Hope you're going to enjoy your "wild life" :)
  7. We prefer to be closer to that vanilla feel, where teleportation isn't a thing. In vanilla if you have 2 bases far apart... you have to walk to go between them.

    This adds a bit of extra risk to have that chance of dying trying to get your goods back, making you have to be more cautious and balance risk vs reward about what items you carry on you, and more incentive to make sure you are well equipped.
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  8. This conflicts with teleportation to your Empire... is wild teleportation to Empires still planned, or was that scrapped?