Computer hates me!

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  1. Lately my computer won't let me connect to the Internet...which means no minecraft..any ideas?
  2. More info?

    Edit: Wait, how did you get on the forums if you don't have internet connection?
  3. iPad..really handy to have right?
  4. I suppose. On your computer, do you use WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)?
  5. There are other devices that get on the Internet rather than just the computer.

    And what are you asking for? Ideas for stuff to do? How to fix your computer?
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  6. computer is wireless..
  7. Problem:
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  8. do you quote twice in one?( totally unrelated and random )
  9. Try using an Ethernet connection.
  10. Click "Reply" if it's the same page of a thread. Also, you can Copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) the BB code for it.
  11. Like this?
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  12. Oh yehhhhh...
  13. Ethernet...don't have it...any other ideas?
  14. As a last resort, you can contact your ISP, maybe?
  15. Go to the Internet bar thing then right click then click diagnose should work if it doesn't u might have to buy a new WLAN card
  16. Try resetting your router. Maybe it got into some weird mode that your computer doesn't like. Also, you should look into certain things on your computer, such as whether the computer still recognizes your network device, whether the driver is working, and whether your network settings are sane.

    I don't know how old you are, so I don't know how relevant this might be, but perhaps your parents have sneakily made it so your computer can't get on in order for you to game less? :-P
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  17. I'm only 12,and I think my parents are HAPPY that my computer can't connect to the Internet,they never liked minecraft....
    I think I tried that...
    I've reseted my router a few times, even went into firewall to see if its blocking it...nope...none of them worked and I haven't touched my network settings, not once, I doubt my parents can figure out my password.(it's like....19 characters, including the space...and they have no idea what it is.)
  18. You didn't need to tell us your age. As for my ISP suggestion, your parents can contact their ISP instead, maybe?
  19. Does it not work on just your computer, or everywhere on your router?
  20. Forget the Network then reconnect :D But if that doesn't work, then unplug your internet and wait a little while. It happened to me and I couldn't fix it until i unplugged it
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