Computer Able to Run Minecraft

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Terr, Nov 25, 2012.

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  2. I personally advice to buy a Desktop, those run MC waaaay better then Laptops! Unless you got a expensive HP laptop or Alienware
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  3. MSI or Asus*:p
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  4. That computer can most certainly run Minecraft very well. I recommend Optifine to get the most out of the computer's memory and graphical capability.
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  5. Cant run Minecraft. Its got Windows 8
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  6. i use a ~$360 laptop. Minecraft runs like a dream.
  7. Well I run a liquid cooled gaming PC, MC runs like a supercharged no lagg beast :D!
  8. Thank you 2 for actually answering questions.
  9. Not entirely correct. Some Windows 8 computers have no problems running Minecraft, other's just refuse to run it. There are various fixes, some that work for some systems, others that work for others - although personally I can't fix mine. At the end of the day, if you want to play Minecraft on Windows 8, just can just side install Ubuntu using WUBI.
  10. MSi for life! I've got an 400 Euro MSi, it's running MC Perfect!

    @Terr: I think it would do MC good :)
  11. Well you caan downgrade to 7...
  12. Looking at the game itself, I can get decent FPS (anywhere from 30-60) on a 2007 iMac, so that should do the job.
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  13. Windows 8 looks rubbish! Js
  14. Hm, My Minecraft wasent working when I installed Windows 8 but then I reinstalled Java and now its perfectly normal again :)
  15. WINDOWS 8 CANT RUN MINECRAFT! THAT MAKES ME SOOOOO UNBELIEVABLY MAD URGHHH!!!!-I just ordered a 2 grand pc with windows 8
  16. Wait... My CPU is refurbished. THAT was why it so cheap, I forgot :D
  17. why would you refurbish a CPU -.-
    but really if you want the most out of MC under 600$ then buy an HP preferably. the usually have decent ATI radeon GPU's and pretty good intel or AMD CPU's and a lot of storage. higher than 600$ and yo u might as well build it yourself.
  18. It had problems, so they fixed them. then made the thing cheaper. so therefore, I win :D
  19. so do you literally mean the CPU or just the computer in general.