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  1. Hey guys!

    Recently, the Last Light Outpost has decided that we need a new town hall. However, we also decided that we wanted to make a competition for the design and construction of this new town hall.

    What we need you guys to do, is in an SP world, design an awesome new town hall for us, submit it and if chosen, build it in the LLO.

    Now, this won't be any normal town hall, it also needs to have a few more facilities. Consider it more of a community centre. These requirements are listed below. The design of the build is more or less in two parts, one part will be

    • Large meeting space, with a stage at the front
    • An open, showroom style area on the ground floor
    • At least 3 medium sized rooms on an upper floor for amenities or storage
    • If desired, a gym or sporting complex on an upper floor
    • Boardroom style meeting room on an upper floor
    • At least four floors of guest rooms on the uppermost floors
    Site information

    The site that the building will be on is rectangular. At the front (east) of the site is a single stair down. At the back (west) of the site is a "cliff" around five blocks high, but also a staircase and entrance into a tunnel. This staircase and tunnel entrance can be removed if necessary, but it would be cool if they could be integrated into the design somehow, the design and location of the staircase and tunnel can be changed.

    Behind the site is a building that has a balcony facing east. It would be good if this view could not be obstructed. Any tower structure or guest rooms or whatever would be preferred to be on the northern end of the site, any construction on the southern end should not be higher than this balcony (8 blocks above ground level).

    To give you an idea of the land you will be building on, there are some screenshots below. To help you build, I've made a basic mockup in a creative world with some significant structures that will need to be considered. Please note that at the actual location, it is hollow beneath the ground. You can build underground, but I don't see any reason why you would need to.

    If you need any more information, or have any questions, please post here.

    Submitting a design

    Submissions will be due March 1. Once you have completed your design, please post images and a download link here!

    Winner announcement and prizes

    Once a winner has been decided, they will be announced here. They will then be invited to come to the LLO to build their winning design. All building materials will be supplied, however please don't go overboard with valuable or rare materials.

    Once the construction is complete, the winner will be awarded 150,000 rupees!

    Disclaimer: The decision to award (or not to award) a prize is up to the judges. Their decision is final. If only a small number of entires are recorded, then the decision may be made not to distribute any prizes.

    Any specific questions about the competition as well as submissions can be posted here, otherwise, please visit the official LLO thread for general information regarding the LLO

    ^ Looking north

    ^ Looking west

    ^ Looking south

    By the way, this is my 6,666th post :p
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  2. first, and congrats to this devilish 6,666th post :)

    Thanks for minding the balcony
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  3. Bump!
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  4. I'd like to chip in that adding a spot with a gym, or some sort of sporting complex is very much welcome and strongly encouraged to be included. :p Not needed, but desired.
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  5. I'd enter but my 'get materials in survival mode' skills are pretty naff.
  6. We'll supply materials if you win :p
  7. #BumpForBabe
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  8. Bump! The closing date will probably be moved back, however for the time being, it's still first.
  9. The closing date has been moved to January 25 and the prize money has been increased to 150,000 rupees!
  10. Hey guys, sorry I haven't been active, I will try to stay active more so I can help out :)
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  11. Couple of suggestions:

    • Do we really need 4 floors for guest rooms? I mean, my design i'll submit later has only 2 floors for said purpose, and I think the rooms it provide are enough (about 24).
    • When would we ever use a showroom, gym/sporting complex or a boardroom? Also, I understand why we need amenities, but why do we need 3 rooms for such usage?
  12. Got a question. is there a theme?

    also, can we add redstone mechanics to make it look extra fun?
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  13. No theme at all. The design is completely up to you. And yes, you can add redstone mechanics, however since this will be in the wild, I'd be a bit weary about griefing.

    If you think you can supply enough rooms in two floors, then certainly.

    These other rooms are just for other general things. Pen wants the gym for some unknown reason, so you'll have to ask him about it. The boardroom thing would likely be for council meetings and the showroom would be for events other than large meetings. Possibly parties or something.

    What we're trying to create is a very multipurpose town hall that we could basically use for anything.

    And as a side note, I've pushed back the final submission date to February 1.
  14. alright thatnks, ill get to work. Is there a texture pack you would like me to appeal to?

    EDIT: Thanks*
  15. Just the default texture pack will do :)
  16. so uh about that template. is the entry into the cliff the main entrace?
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