[Community event] sneaky ninja's

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    Event open for Everyone,
    I will add you to players list after you said: [Ingame name] I am joining

    Goal of the game
    the goal of the game is to get as many people that joined to have a renamed piece of paper / other material with your name on it in their inventory. For this you will need to do some sneaky ninja stuff ;)
    If you get a piece of paper in someones inventory you will get 250r from him. But, the other participants may also try to get a piece of paper in your inventory, and then you have to pay 250r. The amount of pieces of paper you can put into someones inventory is unlimited, as long you don't give someone more than 1 paper at once / give more than 1 paper at once in the same AFK session.

    How you get a piece of paper with your name on it in someones inventory is your problem, I am not giving examples here as people will be aware of them then.

    Event time
    Event started already, but joining is still open. The event will last untill 28-2-2014 23:59 EMC time. I will put the name of participants in a spoiler here so you will always be aware of them.


    If you have any questions, just ask :D
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  2. Add me to the player list ;)
  3. :D Done
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  4. Can I join? sounds pretty fun.
    Question: If I hosted an exclusive drop party for said persons could I put all the pieces of paper in the drop things? :)
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  5. You may do whatever you want! (psst... /mail would work great)
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  6. Great! Can I start now?
  7. Sadly not. I planned it like this because after a couple days there will be more participants so that will bring the event more alive.
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  8. OK! I'll be ready :p
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  9. Bump :D
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  10. I'm In!
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  12. Bump!
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  14. Tempting, very tempting. I will think it over. ;)
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  15. I want to do this with alot of people if possible!
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  16. Add me to the players list (User:Justin8846)
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  17. Lol, mail it to them and title it diamonds xD
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  18. yeah, and it wouldnt be obvious even! xD
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  19. I lowered the prizes to 250r, since I want it to be just for fun, and I wanted a little price to keep it alive. I think I overshotted that since not everyone is that rich :3
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  20. Has the event started yet?