Coming Soon to Smp4: Sky Tower II Hotel

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  1. Welcome to the future of EMC hotels, introducing The Sky Tower Hotel.

    The Sky Tower Hotel is based on the design of Sky Tower II, however it will be a fully functional hotel. The hotel is being built at an undisclosed residence on smp 4. The building is being built with Schematica and the exterior will be identical to the original.

    The building of The Sky Tower Hotel has already began, and is expected to be completed by December of 2013.

    The rooms will be made in the sizes of 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2 and 3 levels.

    Iron Room: 500r a week or 3,000r to buy
    Gold Room: 1,000r a week or 5,000r to buy
    Diamond Room: 1,500r a week or 10,000r to buy
    Emerald Room: 2,000r a week or 20,000r to buy
    ★The prices may change according to supply and demand, but if you have already ordered a room, your price will stay the same★

    So far the amenities will include a swimming pool, a cheap shop, a restaurant, and a work room, however Emerald donors will get a say (read the donate section).

    Iron- Donate <999r and 100r off a permanent room.
    Gold- Donate 1000-4999r and get 500r off a room (when completed)
    Diamond- Donate 5000-10000r and receive and 1000r off a room.
    Emerald- Donate >10,000r and receive 2,000r off a room and have a room built to your preferences. You will also develop your own amenity for the hotel (as long as the other Emerald donors approve your idea) UPDATE: You will get early access to the hotel, and get see it before it is completed.

    Eclipsys - 20k
    Terr - 3314r
    ★After the number of donations, we are delayed with editing this, but it will be fixed soon★
  2. Looks cool :)
  3. I am slightly confused :confused: Do you buy or rent rooms (or both) and what are the room prices (if you have any yet...)

    Do you need any help with construction because if you do need any help just ask me (i will do anything except for building aha)
  4. This looks awesome! Definitely spending a night in there!

    My creeper gives a thumbs up!
  5. Is it possible for you to reserve a room for me? Please message me if possible! (please & thanks)
  6. how much to claim the top 3 floors permanently?
  7. The top 3 floors will be a Pent House Suite and will be better than the Emerald rooms. There is no set price yet.
  8. I think you should put floors into the ranking.

    (MY OPINION plz don't hate other people)
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  9. Could you reserve a Penthouse Suite for me? When there is a set price, please tell me asap. (As soon as possible)

  10. I'd like to buy whatever biggest room you are gonna build, i will pay you 20k for a permanent room :) the biggest you have please, penthouse high up!


    20k donated. I'll pay another 20k for that permanent room :)
  11. It is looking great at the bottom. P.s. there are no undisclosed residences on EMC. We always find you ;)
  12. I'm interested in buying an emerald room, let me know when it's finished so i can purchase it :)
  13. Eclipsys just has so much money he doesn't know what to do with it.

    Nice looking! Very modern looks cool.
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  14. Oh yes, I hit my 1mill rupees mark, and now I'm spending it on charity and donations, and more materials for my builds =p
  15. If you still need a good res to build it on I can give you 8027 (The one right next to my mansion at 8015.) It's right next to the town shop.
  16. Yup, that's the one.
  17. I don't even have 20k :p All I have is 18k and a few more rupees.
  18. Want's to donate 20001 rupees just to outbid eclipsys. Instead how about 3k huh?

    EDIT: 3314 to be exact
  19. The day has come, the first room has been finished! You can visit by typing /v 9479 and teleporting up or you can just view these pictures!

    This is an iron room, and it retails for 3,000r

    Give me your thoughts, do I need to improve anything?
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