Coincidence or a sign?

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  1. Not that long ago in New York, a tourist recorded her trip there. On camera she caught birds migrating north ( I think it is migrating ) when all of a sudden they formed this...

    It distinctively looks like Vladimir Putin.
    Could this be a coincidence or a sign?
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  2. The world is coming to an end. We are all going to die.
  3. no, its legit

  4. Fake.

    However, if it was real (which I doubt), it's a coincidence.
  5. Russia is up to something.
  6. Fake, not that hard to edit.
  7. That's quite clearly fake. It's not that hard to edit something like that.
    You always seem to link clickbait-y falsified videos as evidence... :confused:
  8. Do birds even naturally fly like that?
  9. I could honestly say the same for you ;)
  10. They do form formations, but they're usually of some 'strategic' value. If they were to form a face in the sky, something is horribly wrong with them :p

    Also, the video may not be fake (although it is, lol). That might not even be a face - just something the human brain recognises as one through a psychological phenomenon known as pareidolia, the visual form of apophenia :3

    Because I've so totally done that before.
  11. Seems their flight pattern is a bit odd.
  12. It might be just me, but the birds seem very "digital".
  13. It's called a murmuration.
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  14. Probably not. The 'flock' looks far too compressed to be birds and they're not even flying how birds would fly. Birds fly so that they can maximise distance traveled by cutting through the air.

    EDIT: N9nth's video has proven me wrong :eek: (partly). I assume birds won't migrate using that type of technique which goes against what the OP is saying.

    Funny as I've never seen SoulPunisher upload videos like you do.
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  15. Yes, you tried to say evolution is true... even though its ben disproven many times and I count as fake ;)

    But thats just my two cents.
  16. Evolution is a theory.

    EDIT: This thread is in the wrong section as well.
  17. If it's been 'disproven' many times then why do most scientists, and quite a lot of people in the world (I'm talking at least most of West and North Europe), regard it as true (and yes, I know it's a theory, because we can't prove it to be true until we see a new species come straight out of an animal we know of, which takes thousands of years)? And how does you thinking of it as fake mean it's not true? And why does it have more solid foundations than the Bible? And how does this solidify your claim I link fake clickbait videos as evidence?

  18. RIP Topic. Let's not have another "religion" thread.