[CMT ENTRY] Ethan's "Chisel Me This" Contest Entry

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    665,905 (Easiest way to Insanity)



  2. Updated

    Current stats:

    120,000+ Blocks destroyed
    10+ Hours worked
    4 ESCD shovels destroyed, 6 Eff5Unb3 shovels destroyed
  3. You realise you can repair the shovels right? Not the ESCD's but the regular ones..
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  4. Too busy digging.
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  5. Is it the statue of liberty?
  6. Oh, the statue of liberty, nice!
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  7. Looks good so far :D I should probably start working on mine.
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  8. Nah, it's the leaning tower of pisa. :p
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  9. I like it, I need to get on mine, but I need a few ideas first.
  10. I thought it was the Eiffel tower :p wow it looks brilliant so far! keep up the good work
  11. My heart weeps for the fallen promos :'(
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  12. UPDATE:

    Pending Design for the lower part of the statue will include a dragon wrapping around the building the Statue of Liberty is standing on, with a Wither inside the building.
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  13. *Gives up on his entry* :D
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  14. They can keep wishing, but I don't give up. :p
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  15. Beauty, Elegance, Dirt.
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  16. has anyone come as close to finishing theirs as you?
  17. Not that I have seen.

    To be fair I've done a lot of grinding the past week, around 200-250,000 blocks.
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