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  1. (AUCTION)
    Item(s): 2 ore buster pick axes
    Starting bid : R500,000
    Minimum bid Increment: R7,500
    Bid end: 24 hours after last valid bid
  2. 565,565 rupees.

  3. Are you implying that we're bidding individually? Because you cannot bid for two separate items on one thread?
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  4. He said 250k each, and then totaled it next to it, so 500k. It should be for both. You're right to ask though - I'll report the main post and get a mod to sort it out so it's clearer - the host should hopefully know that it's all for both items! :)
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  5. I bid under the assumption it was for both items.

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  6. It has to be for both as auctions are not allowed to have two separate items in the same one.

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  7. Yes the bidding is for BOTH picks together. Sorry for the confusion.
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  8. Good to hear.

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  9. Fixed it up a bit to help with confusion
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  10. Are you serious? You waited until there was 8 minutes before the end of the auction to bid again?

  11. My apologies, this bid is invalid.
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