[closed] Valentine's Gift | EMC 2013 Rose (Lored)

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is this item cool?

cool 5 vote(s) 45.5%
not cool 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I was hoping for something cooler D: 6 vote(s) 54.5%
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  1. Item:
    Starting Bid: 27 Rupees
    Minimum Bid Increments: Only raise bids by at least 1000 rupees
    Auction Ending Time: Auction will end exactly 24 hours after the last bid has been posted with no other bids after it
    Promotional Video:
    Special Message:
    Hello my high roller homies! Valentines day has come and gone, will you be able to snag this rare item off the clearance rack?
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  2. 500k
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  3. 501k
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  4. 750k
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  5. And the winner is The_Mancub! With a 1k increase snipe!

    I set up an access chest for you at /v 17424 on smp8, please pay when you come to pick up your Valentine's Gift!
  6. Payed and picked up, thanks again
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