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  1. ~Vizsco's Interior Design Service~

    The past couple of weeks I have gotten a deep interest in architecture and building in general.
    I loved interior design as long as I can think,
    So now I am offering my skills to brighten up buildings from
    fellow players.

    Currently I do not have a Portfolio completed, Please be patient and in the near future there will be a completed Portfolio. I understand
    that if I do not have any pictures to show that I cannot guarantee
    my building skills, I am well aware of this and I will try my best
    to create a portfolio. At the time being, With no Portfolio I am willing to give a refund if your unhappy with your order, Moreover I am willing to give a free of charge guarantee service (If your unhappy with your order, I will change it free of charge).

    The Price of Services SirTah's Interior Design Service Offers:

    Cost: 15,000 rupees
    Size: 5*5 to 15*15/Max 2 Floors

    Cost: 30,000 rupees
    Size: 15*15 to 30*30/Max 4 Floors

    Cost: 60,000 rupees
    Size: 30*30 to 60*60/Max Eight Floors

    *Note All Prices Include The Customer
    Supplying. Special Sizes Are Negotiable
    In the Private Conversation.

    Please Start A Private Conversation With Me (SirTah), Using
    This Template If Your Interested In Hiring Me:

    Title: [Interior Design] (Player Name)


    The Server and Residence Number-
    The Price Package-
    The Approximate Size-
    The Build Style-
    The Materials You Want Used-
    A (Many) Reference Pictures-

    ~Thanks For Reading~
    ~Have Any Questions, Feel Free To Reply Below~


    Waiting List:

    joshrocks78 (Status: Not Started)
    WayneKramer (Status: Working On It)

    *I only take four orders at a time.


  2. Glad to see you are starting it up!!!
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  3. *Bookmarks page*
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  4. Nice! When i get more rupees ill contact you :D
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  5. i just had the 3 houses on my res renovated by SirTah and he did an absolutely fantastic job, i definitely recommend SirTah to anybody seeking this service!
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  6. can we see some past work please? just a bit curious :p
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  7. I need dis... Can you also build a basic (stair roof and square walls) exterior along with the interior? I will contact when I get rupees
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  8. Currently, I and Sirtah are working on an online portfolio with prices, examples, request form, etc. Please be patient as we are doing our best to provide the highest quality service at the best prices. Thank you.
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  9. Soon when I have more rupees Ill contact you :D
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  10. Why can't you just build something in singleplayer and display it on the OP for customers to see? It is pretty much a gamble if someone were to use this service.
  11. You may want to put that in the OP until you have the portfolio done.:p
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  12. Wanted to share that I used SirTah's service to do some decorating inside the house I built on res 17110. I didn't have any ideas really so I let him do whatever he wanted and I'm happy with the modest design he chose.

    Thanks again!
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