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  1. Noticed some of those new signatures and graphics around the forums? This is where they come from! Pick from an assortment of packages and have your perfect signature, banner, avatar or other graphic produced just for you.

    Each signature is designed specifically with what you request in mind. Not after a signature? No problems, I will happily create banners, avatars and try and fulfil any other requests. However, please note that I am not an artist.

    Typically, products will either require elaboration when ordering, be preset and require certain elements to be customised, or start as a 'base' product. From each, further additions and requests can be made.

    To order a product, simply private message me and send me the details using this format:

    PM Title:
    • [Your name]
    PM Content:
    • [Product]; either:
      • Wallpaper/render
      • Banner
      • Preset, specifying which one
      • Signature package; specifying which one
      • Avatar; specifying which type
    • [Requests]
      • How you would like elements of the product laid out, such as themes, colour schemes, buttons, text, alternative background, alternative layout etc. (or customisable elements specified under certain products)
      • Packages: Any additions (e.g. models which are not usually included in the package)
    • [Background location - for background image if applicable (your res by default)]
    Need more examples? Prior Projects
    And many more throughout the forums!

    • This is a photoshop service, and very little graphic design is involved. :)
    • Some signatures may not fit in the private message signature box
    What Other People are Saying

  2. The SMP2Mall at 4005 is selling and buying all of the major EMC exclusive items in the biggest collection on EMC! Just head to the grey floor.

    Currently selling:

    • 2013 2 Year EMC Anniversary Horses
      • Used Incitatus
      • Used Saltar
      • Used Valens
    • Birthday Cakes
      • 2014 3 Year
      • 2015 4 Year

    • Ore Buster

    • Mineral Miner
    • Chicken Skewer
    • Sharpshooter
    • Shear Madness
    • Scooooba Mask
    • Potato Plate
    • Bionic Pants
    • Bubble Boots

    • 2013 Valentine's Day Rose
    • 2015 Valentine's Bundle Release
      • Bundle
      • Cupid's Arrow
      • Cupid
    • Cupid's Bows
    • 2014-15 Finite Cupid's Bow
    • 2015 Infinite Cupid's Bow

    • Annual Pot of Gold

    • Annual (2014-) Magical Easter Eggcellent Wand

    • 2014 Independence Armour
      • Helmet
      • Tunic
      • Leggings
      • Boots
    • 2014 Freedom Blade Release
      • Blade and Firework Chest
      • Blade
    • Event Items
      • Annual (2014-) Taste the Freedom
    • Independence Fireworks
      • 2013
      • 2014
      • 2015
      • 2016
    • July Empire Fireworks
      • 2014
      • 2015
      • 2016
    • Annual Meteor Bow

    • Labour Day Benches
      • 2013
      • 2014
      • 2015
      • 2016

    • 2013 Haunted Head
    • General Halloween Candy
    • 2015 Trick or Treat Release
      • Chest
      • Horseman Axe
    • Headless Horseman Masks
      • 2014
      • 2015
    • Annual Spooky Egg

    • 2013 Thanksgiving Turkey Slicer
    • 2014 Ham Hacker
    • Event Items
      • Annual (2014-) Cooked Turkey
      • Annual (2014-) Feast for a King
    • General (2014-) Thanksgiving Turkey Slicer Drop

    • 2013 Holiday Pick
    • 2014 12 Days of Christmas Promos
      • Candle
      • ESCD
    • Blizz Ard Drops
      • Annual (2014-) Nose
    • Avalauncher
      • 2014
      • Annual (2015-) Avalauncher
    • Christmas Horse Series
      • 2013 New Rudolph
      • 2014 New Dancer
      • 2015 New Dasher

    • New Years Empire Fireworks
      • 2012
      • 2013
      • 2014
      • 2015

    • Supporter Vouchers
      • Iron
      • Gold
      • Diamond
    • Stable Vouchers (8k)
    • Vault Vouchers - Automatic
    • 2014 Top 10 TopG Promo Lucky Bow
    • 2014 Maxarian Head
    • 2015 Pi Day Pie
    Currently buying for these prices, or your best offer:
    • Christmas Horse Series
      • 2013 Rudolph - New (270k)
    Simply mail anything you'd like to sell to me and the price listed will be paid as soon as I recieve it (or sent back)!

    *Sell in store" refers to the ability to sell directly to the slot sign
    *Striked through* = temporarily unavailable offer

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  3. AC Inc. is pleased to be designing/landscaping anything of your dreams for world saves and schematics - meaning that the savings are passed down to you because you get the entire design for your use instead of having it built on EMC. This service provides homes, hotels, gardens, stores and anything else that you would like! I can promise dedication and perfection in every build.

    Prices & ETA's & Sizes (minimums and approximates)

    Visit the compilation album for more examples of various sizes and work.

    Various architectural/scaping features - 8000r - 1 day - Built on EMC
    Small (15x15) garden landscaping - 6000r- 1 day - Built on EMC
    Medium (30x30) garden landscaping - 14,000r - Built on EMC
    Large (60x60) garden landscaping - 28,000r - World only

    Regular building (2020x12)- 150,000r - World only
    Quarter (30x30x15) - 250,000r - World only
    Large (50x50x35) - 500,000r - World only
    Huge/Extravagant (very detailed, large+) - 550,000r upwards - World only


    Please send me a private message, with details following this format:
    The Title: <your name> <project>
    The Body:
    <Details, requests, please provide as much information as possible regarding what you would like>
    <Which category/style you would like me to try and build with - can be discussed in the PM>
    Please try and include a basic floor plan.


    A compilation of all my builds
    • Building category is deemed by myself after it is completed.
    • These prices are minimums and depending on the height, width, length, effort, detail, material total cost it will be more.
    • Payment will usually be requested once build is near/completion, and then world save will be sent via a Mediafire zip link. Or I may seek payment in advance.
    • Building projects will be completed in 1.8 creative mode SP.
    • I may decline some projects if it does not appeal to me or I do not have time
    • Project requests must be unique, deemed as such by me
    Just two of many satisfied customers:

  4. The SMPMall franchise is ever-expanding, with stores already open on SMP1 (405) and renovations due for SMP2 (4005). Stop by, check us out, buy and sell us you items!

    Under renovation

    New design/update pending



    Green: Open, Orange: Awaiting launch, Dark Orange: Planning

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  5. Reserved
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  6. Made a centralized thread for everything to make linking and alterations easier :)
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  7. Nice, clean, organized thread! I like it!
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  8. Your services are great! I highly recommend that the EMC Community uses it!
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  9. Love your malls :D
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  10. This thread is super useful. :D Thanks! I've loved your services in the past and would recommend them to anyone who needs a build or signature.
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  11. I totally missed this thread!
    Very nicely done, you can really feel the effort you put into EMC! :)
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  12. Made some updates and changes to the promo section :)
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  13. Last few days to sell cupid promos for those great prices, won't have an opportunity like it for a while now
  14. Are you taking orders for builds?
  15. Not really. I pick and choose, but for the most part I'm too busy lately; haven't actually 'played' in over 4 weeks.
  16. I noticed haven't seen you around at all. K, thanks Alex, for replying, its really hard trying to find a good builder. If you know of anyone, who is great like you, please let me know. I want something extravagant for a castle for utopia. And a village on another res next to the castle.
  17. Thanks Alex!
  18. Caught up!
    • Price updates
    • Added recent promos
    • Now buying quite a few promos & updated shop signs
  19. Some changes to the promo prices have been made :D
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  20. Great service! Quick, cool, cheap, and high quality signatures and avatars!
    +Googol Plex
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