[CLOSED] Residence 16666 and 17777 (smp8)

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm selling the residences 16666 and 17777 on smp8! So if you have been looking for a residence with a great number, on the weirdest best server, smp8, this is your chance! If you're interested in one or both of the residences, please PM me, or reply to this thread. :)

    The transfer of the residence will go through /unclaim /claim, as the only thing on the residence is a sign :p

    Thanks. :)

    EDIT: any offers are welcome, by the way, even if you think they might be too low. :)
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  2. Bump! :)
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  3. Bump! :)

    This is my 4,500th post by the way :p
  4. There's not really much going for them except the number, your only going to get a couple of thousand for them if that. I got my res ' 17771 ' for free because it was un-claimed and im pretty sure you can find other res's with numbers like that for free
  5. Just wanted to add something; all offers are welcome, even if you think it might be too low. :)
  6. Bump! :) I'm considering all offers. :)
  7. lol, considered, but sorry, I'll have to deny that offer, as it would be a loss for me lol
  8. Bump! I need these gone ASAP! Is there anyone that actually wants these, or does no one at all care about them? :p
  9. man I want them but I'm not supporter and I only get 1 res :( :mad:
  10. You could move all your stuff to this residence :p or move your own residence (costs 100k though, might as well buy gold then). If needed, I can get you some space to temp. put stuff in chests on. :)
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