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Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Porphyrian, Dec 20, 2013.

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  1. Empire Event Team

    Hello everyone! We are a group aimed at helping host public member events by helping to collect money and recourses. We need lots of donators and staff members to make this all possible. PM me and porphos using these formats bellow if you are interested in becoming staff, donating, or hosting your own event.
    Staff Form
    Why do you want to join? -
    Are you willing to provide money and recourses? -
    Have you ever been kicked or banned? Why? -
    Current Staff
    Owner: porphyrian
    Co-owner: porphos
    Manager: -
    Donation Form

    Interested in hosting your own event? PM porphos and me!
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  2. Why do I feel that you and porphos are somehow connected.
  3. What do you think? I am not his alt and he is not mine.
  4. Yeah what do you think?
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  5. Yeah what do YOU think, Skydragon? :p
  6. Why do you have to copy the empire repair team? That is very disapointing :(
  7. True tembo
  8. Its not cool to steal and copy our idea...we are now discussing if we should even sponsor your RFr anymore
  9. Bump! P.S. I didn't copy and if you speak about a different subject I will warn you then I will more sternly warn you then I will ask a staff member to kick you off of this thread and if you talk again I will report you again.
    No Buts what so ever.
  10. porhhyrian, you are being very rude, I don't want to fight or anything. I am on neither side but you did take a idea that was by the ERT and I think that was a little harsh. Reporting people doesn't solve anything anyways. As well as if they did anything. Please reconsider, and hopefully we can arrange something? :)
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  11. At first glance I thought porph was fine doing this since it was for events.
    Then I saw the ERT's perspective.

    In my opinion as someone looking in, continue this conversation in a PM with a staff member if need be. Not telling you who is right here and who is wrong, just figure something that works.
  12. You have not copyrighted your "idea" so yeah...
  13. Thats not the point...the point is, is that it is rude to steal someone's idea and use it as your own and take credit.
  14. Explain how is it rude?
  15. Taking someone's idea that is already in use and making your own almost identical and taking all credit and not even mentioning it to us.
  16. It can hurt people when they got a good idea, spent much time figuring it how everything would work, setting everything up, and then you see somebody else suddenly has the same idea. He may get more publicity, even when he didn't make the original idea. That may hurt people. (I'm not talking about the people in this thread right now, just explaining how copying/claiming ideas defenitely can be rude.
  17. This has nothing to do with the ERT! Its sole purpose it to help sponsor public member events not fix things.
    I own the RFR. porphyrian is not my alt he is a completely different person.
    yes his direct approach like that is rude and I hope we can all solve this in a peaceful diplomatic way
    How is he taking your credit? He hasn't said he has done what you have done.
    P.S you have no right to claim ownership of the title Empire (purpose) Team
  18. I do have the right to claim ownership of that title...it is our group and i founded it, there is no reason why i cant claim that title
  19. Also like 607 said it hurts people when they have a good idea and it works great and then someone else takes it and claims they didnt copy at all
  20. Anyone can use the format Empire (purpose) Team. Because you own the title Empire Repair Team, doesn't give you the right to persecute people with similar names.
    P.S. Don't double post.
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