[Closed Contest] name my new puppy!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by batmegh, Sep 2, 2015.

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  1. hey everyone!

    this contest is now over! thank you all for participating!

    alrighty! the puppy is locked in!
    we're getting the boy! his name is going to be Sheogorath! the name was picked outside of the EMC community out of my own obsession of skyrim, lol but! i have sent out 50 rupees to everyone who suggested a name, so if you see an extra 50 in your account.. this is why! :)
    ... during payment i sent a few people an extra 50 on accident, if i had, keep it, its whatever, lol it was hard to keep track of who i had already paid! i hope you enjoy! and thank you for throwing in your suggestions!
    (who is my favorite prince of madness in skyrim)
  3. here is daddy! i am hoping she gets those ears!

    and here is momma!
    the baby has the same color pattern as the mommy! which is awesome, i love her coat! (she is the lighter one in this photo, sitting beside her brother lol

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  4. Toro!!
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  5. and finally, here is some recent baby photos of my soon to be little girl!
    the top photo she is the tan colored baby to the right of the photo :)

  6. May I suggest Scrappy (like from Scooby Doo)?
    Reason is because it looks like she is one of the smaller pups from the litter, and I thought that name would be fitting.
    It may be more of a boy-ish name, but I think it is more of a gender neutral name.

    Chell (Portal)
    Lara (Lara Croft)
    The always famous Peach (Mario)

    Is there a limit? Because I could go all day with these.
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  7. no limits! but please don't spam post after post! if you're still the last one to post please just edit your last post to include the changes!
  8. Poppy
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  9. Raven
    Chocolate chip
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  10. Three really out of the box
    I like
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  11. Pumpkin
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  12. I love the Fallout franchise... And any Fallout fan knows Dogmeat. He is an awesome dog companion!
    So yeah... I'll go for Dogmeat.

    And there's also Barbas from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim...
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  13. Is that enough or do you want more
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  14. PUPPIES! ^-^
    I'm quite fond of the names Cookie and Moose. :3
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  15. Mercenaries I don't think dogmeat is a girls name
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  16. Way too cute:D gotta luv those critters!
    How about, Lucy
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  17. I like cookie defne
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    • Aspen
    • Sevilla
    • Maui
    • Kona
    • Makarska.
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  18. Zoey: From the Left 4 Dead series. She is Pretty and a zombie killing machine!

    Anya Stroud: From the Gears Of War series, She tears threw things with her chain saw gun! whats not to like!?

    Bonnie: From the Red Dead Redemption games. She takes on roles that we normally associate with men during the time period, and she even saves Marston's life (the main character from the game)

    Liara: From the Mass Effect series, In this game everyone catches the Feels for her and love her!

    Jade: From the Beyond Good and Evil game, She is pretty compassionate and cares for others.

    Faith: From the Mirror's Edge series, Need i say more! she is awesome in her self!

    Zelda: From the Legend Of Zelda.

    Samus: From the Metroid games, She has every Trait of a heroine! and is she Throws everyone for a loop when we find out the bad a$$ character is actully a girl!
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  19. Puppies! =D

    I suggest the names as follow:
    • Buster.
    • Marley (I know - real original, Caden. I was actually looking at the Bob Marley posted on my wall. ;))
    • Amber.
    • Phoebe (from The Catcher in the Rye, if you've ever read that. :)).
    • Casey.
    • Harley.
    These are just some of the names I got off the top of my head. Hope you like 'em. :)
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