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  1. Hello Community,

    I am looking for a simple 30*30 underground Drop Party Room. My budget is about 50k. I would like this room to be finished on the first of March. I am looking to have modern style drop party room. I am giving until 4:00pm tomorrow for planning to be finished. Hope this is enough information, PM me on the forums. Please use Emerald Blocks, Quartz Blocks, Sea Lanterns and white stained glass


    Please PM SirTah, Instead Of Me
  2. Time frame may be a little small but will try my best :)
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  3. Please PM on the forums.
  4. Bout what?
  5. Is there any reward for making it?
  6. Well the payment
  7. why tomorrow?
  8. What is the payment? You never stated any payment in the OP
  9. I realized that in 4 days I am turning one year, Would like to celebrate that.
    The payment is about 50k or more.
  10. Who is providing the material to make all this? I wouldn't mind helping to build a drop party room, the redstone part is easily done (but the decoration not so much for me I guess), but it also heavily depends on the details.

    If players would need to provide their own mats then the 50k payment isn't much of a reward because that would mostly be spend on the mats alone ;)
  11. I will pay for the supplies but the player will buy them from my payment an additional payment of the 50k.
  12. BUMP, PM me in the forums or in-game!!! I am in need of this drop party room ASAP.
  13. Also, Please PM SirTah instead of Me, Thank you
  14. Try Bitemenow, he had one on smp6 that he moved to utopia, and he had a good system, hosted my 1000 day DP there, :D
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  15. Sadly I am interested in having something permanent for my other drop parties in the future.
  16. yea, thats why i said why not ask Bite, he built them, he can design one....
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  17. Thank you
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