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    Datz's Services
    Want to hold your own party but you just do not have enough time, money, or space to do it? Well scattered around the build there are many unique rooms any player can rent; each designed to get players involved in different ways. Below is a list of all the different locations, renting fees and a procedure for renting a location. Be sure to check this calendar to see if the location you want is available:


    This futuristic style room is a 52 by 52 block playing area with a total of 46 droppers scattered across the room. For those players who rather just stand in one spot and mash the jump bottom, there are 4 droppers embed in the very center of the ceiling to allow players to do so. However all of the other droppers dispense items close enough to the beams for players to jump off of and catch items in midair. This location is great for having huge drop parties with a large quantity of items to drop. You'll have to work for your items in this one. You'll most likely need a decent computer to run it. Lag at the floor of the room is minimal. Lag on the top beam near the roof is high.
    Swim in the depths of the ocean to find the abandoned treasure of the black pearl! This drop party location contains 16 Cannons "droppers" that launch items into the waters of the docks. Players must float in one place, or dive down into the waters to catch the loot. So grab your depth strider and aqua infinity gear! Lag is minimal in this area. Great for having smaller drop parties with any range of items to give away.

    How to Rent?

    To rent a Drop Party Location first check the calendar link to see which days and locations are open. Then fill out this form:


    Rental Cost:

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  2. Thanks Madidiot21 and Dramanya for helping me create this forum! More info on the project will be released soon
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  3. This seems legit! I like it. I'll probably rent in the future. I'll tell people about it if I find that someone is trying to do a drop party.
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  4. A bump for the new year. Happy new year everyone!
  5. Great idea! Your Ship drop party location looks fantastic!
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  6. Ok :D filled out the form to reserve it for my 1 year EMC anniversary party! couldn't think of a better place to hold a drop party <3 thanks datz for making this awesome build!
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  7. This is my passion, I love doing this ^.^ and awesome Kytula! Thanks for your reservation. I have set a alarm on my calendar and will update the calendar above soon.
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  8. Hey sorry! after taking a quick poll it seems more players are available to attend on Saturday instead.. Is it possible to change my reservation to the 16th and rent the black pearl instead? It just looks like so much fun!
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  9. We can do that :) I'll will go into my google calendars and update the information as soon as I get the chance. 16th of February right?
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  10. April actually :p I'm going to be working on making the Event Forum post now. Thanks so much datz!
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  11. No problem! ^.^ thanks for being the first to rent a location. If I do not have the calendar update with in a week please remind me. But as soon as I get the chance, I should have it updated today.
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  12. Are you allowing partnerships? If so I have some drop party location ideas to share and you wouldn't even need to pay me.
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  13. ATM this whole thing is kind of at a stand still with college. I only have one drop party scheduled in April or May. But once things are more organized and running again be sure to message me on the forums ^.^ I will have a system developed in the future for partnerships.
  14. Okay because I have some ideas for a spring drop party location (flowers and bees and rain)
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