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Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by TechNinja_42, Jun 3, 2015.

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  1. So today is officially my 500th day on EMC, and what a pleasure it has been to be part of this server! To celebrate, I will be giving away the following items:
    -Iron Supporter Voucher
    -1 Cupid's Bundle
    -1 2014 Turkey Slicer
    -1 New Years 2013 Firework
    -1 Vault Voucher
    -1 Stable Voucher
    Note: These items will be split among the winners, meaning 6 players will receive one of the above items.

    I will be using random.org to chose a number, and whichever post matches the number generated wins!

    To enter, you must simply post why you love TechNinja_42 your favorite flavor of ice cream, and what you do while you are on EMC.

    No alternate accounts, please post only once.

    Good luck to all! Enjoy ;)
  2. Count me in this haha:p

    Chocolate moose tracks is my favorite ice cream!!

    What I do in EMC is talk a lot on mumble and build commonly in town. I live in smp9 but mostly go to smp6 since of pvp arenas and I have two jobs of rebuilding residences.
    [Luckycmusic45 & ShalomOut residences are my customers :)]
    Here Is my refferal link
  3. Rainbow sherbert and I like fishing on EMC
  4. Moose tracks and I like mob grinding on EMC.
  5. Peanut butter caramel, i like to look at my stuff and talk to people
  6. Plain vanilla and I usually improve my residence or go into the wild.
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  7. Plain vanilla (boring I know) and my favorite thing on EMC is Togo out and make bases in the frontier
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  8. strawberry and barter with people
  9. Vanilla, and I like talking to others
  10. Cookie dough and I like to build.
  11. Chocolate and buying/selling promos
  12. Chocolate, And I like Mining and talking to others.
  13. Moose Tracks, roaming the nether fortresses
  14. OREO ICE CREAM!!!! my favorite thing to do is Pvp :DDD and build and gather resources!!!

    IGN: Jstclair41
  15. image.jpg
    Maybe I will be
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  16. My favorite flavor is chocolate and i spend my time talking with people.
  17. Your favorite Ice Cream flavor is chicken dinner? Interesting... :p

    Numbers will most likely be drawn sometime Saturday
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  18. The one with the cookie dough... I mostly jump around my reses on EMC...
  19. Chocolate carmel and I love building in EMC
  20. First off sherbert is NOT an ice cream- just saying

    Secondly my favourite is blue bunny's whole- strawberry ice cream... of course it has to be low fat for some reason or another....

    Thirdly I enjoy doing mass ore collecting on EMC.... ^~^
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