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  1. I wanted to clear something up I never ment to sound negative on some forums. I don't check dates so I didn't know some forums where a year old. What I was trying to say is that I been trying to do something really nice for smp7ers and I've been struggling for help or getting others to join in the fun. I wanted to say I didn't do a big gift for all of EMC because I was afraid I wouldn't have enough gift for everyone that came by I wasn't being rude or saying I am not in the Christmas spirit is kinda hurtful, if you ask anyone who really knows me knows Christmas is my favorite holidays because I love to give and decorate my house and spend time with family. I am not a rude person I never intend to be rude if I sound like it I really apologize I am going threw things in real life that I guess at times affect how I sound. And please a message is a massage and you can't tell most of the time what a person means or how there acting in real life. And I am now competing with anyone I am not seeing anything as a compations. I hope we clear some things up and there no hard feelings. I am not a rude person if you knew me in real life or ask anyone who knows me they would say I am sweet girl with a big heart. Again I am sorry if anyone's feelings got hurt or thought I was being rude with lack of Christmas spirit I'm really am sorry I never intended on that to come out that way.

    Thank you

    Please don't reply to be rude or put something that would sound rude
    I honestly can't handle that right now with all that's going on in my life
    I just hope you understand and accept my apology
    Thank you
  2. Tomi, I know you and you have always been a fun player who loves to have fun, and I have never known you to be rude nor greedy. Sorry to hear that you have been going thru things lately. Holidays often give us all additional 'pressure' which seems to hinder the complete spirit of the holiday.

    I have zero clue what happened, but I hope we all can come together, and realize none of us are perfect and each of us make mistakes in our own ways (I know I am no exception to this). However being that we are a unified community, that we may overlook things and remember to have fun, and consider each others feelings when we hit the 'enter' or 'post reply' button.

    So, without further ado...
    Let the holiday spirit continue!
  3. Thank you highlancer, your so kind. Your an awesome person and the best moderator. Thanks for the comment it made me feel better. Stay yourself. :)
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  4. I don't know you, but you seem like a great person :)
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  5. Thank you 607 and I much enjoy your quote very inspiring. And I like to be corrected too and corrected in a nice manner. :)
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  6. I just wanted to also say EMC is the best place with the nicest people I've a lot of cool people and talk to a lot of cool people so this is a great server in witch I enjoy
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  7. Hi Tomijo

    First of all: I don't know you nor do I know what this is all about. Even so... My fingers are itching so I'm going to respond anyway ;)

    Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, even the most veteran or seasoned players do.

    As always a lot of these things work both ways. It is exactly as you said yourself: a message (or better: a written message) is the easiest and yet most difficult way to fully express yourself. Because of the simple fact that its all too easy to pick things up out of context, and then some things can get a whole different meaning.

    There are plenty of players and people around who will always keep this in mind when writing things up, but we also need to keep in mind that there are also plenty of players around who do not. And that's not me being negative here; but for all we know they really simply haven't even considered that possibility yet.

    As said; then things can work both ways. Your words may seem extremely negative to them and at the same time their reaction towards you may also not sound very nice at all. The perfect recipe for some nasty or annoying misunderstandings.

    And well; posts like yours are a very good way to defuse those situations!

    True words indeed. But as I said; always remember that this works both ways.

    It's easy to misunderstand what someone really meant to say, but its just as easy to tell something which others may pick up in a completely different way than you had intended.

    AND another thing, but this is a bit of a delicate subject I suppose. But you also need to keep in mind that with communities which are as large as this one you're also bound to meet a few people who won't be very nice. And that's not me trying to be negative here, but honestly; its a given.

    It will happen sooner or later, we're all different and we all have different ideas and sometimes that can and will clash a little. And although its a very good thing to try and keep other peoples feelings and opinions in mind you also need to be careful and realize that you can't please everyone.

    Sometimes you will get some comments which you don't like. It happens.

    Now, once again; I don't know the situation which you're referring to here, and as such my comments may be a little out of place as well (see; that's why context is such an important thing). Even so; you seem like a very friendly and honest player to me.

    Its easy to write something down, its a little more difficult to do so in a way in which it sounds / appears sincere. And quite frankly yours does (I wouldn't spend this time to respond if it didn't ;)).

    Having that out of the way I wish you all the best. Thanks for clearing it all up and I hope you'll have a great Holiday season!
  8. Ah, okay, I think I know what you're getting at now.
    I think you have indeed worded things badly before, but after reading this thread, I don't get how anyone could not forgive you. :)
  9. Thanks guys, and I see where a lot of you are coming from. Thanks for the support and the comments. I see where everyone is coming from and I understand what everyone means.

    Thank You
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  10. EMC is the best place!!! Wouldn't want to change coming to this server for the world. :D
  11. What I usually do is I always make sure to add a :) or :D just so they dont think that im being negative/rude. :)
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  12. That's a good thought I should always remember that.
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  13. I don't know you, I seen you in the town. I am from smp7, 2 years old. And I am happy, and like your idea.

    Any thing you need ask me.
  14. Than you if I need any help or anything I'll let you know. Come stop by and write a letter to EMC santa for EMC Christmas. :D
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  15. Tomijo95, if I have learned anything over my Empire Career, it's that an apology goes a long way.

    Believe it or not, I was a real jerk before but I have realized everything that I have done and I made sure that I apologized publicly. It takes a lot of courage to do what you are doing.
    I think I know what you are talking about and the only advice I have is making sure you bump your thread every 3-6 (Never know which one it is) hours to get the word out there. Just remember that some people do not do some events for their own personal reason.
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  16. Thank You
    Your so kind!!!
  17. Well, you know what they say, a notch apple a day keeps the forum haters away :D actually, not once in my life have I said that, but I'll pretend I have :p

    Not even sure what happened, but sure does sound stressful. I'm going thru a bit of a time like that too, with school getting a lot harder and getting in to the new IB program, I've had to write multiple essays lately, and life is just getting harder. At least I know that one day, maybe not a day near us, maybe when I'm 40, or when im 70, I will retire and be happy and of course not have to worry about essays, Shakespeare, memorizing plays and algebra or how to calculate the concentration percentage of a solution :D

    Hope everything works out for us :D
  18. Haha maybe one day in our lives when we are 40 or 70 we can sit back and just enjoy playing empire minecraft and don't have to worry about school or work or anything hahahahaa lol
  19. I do hope it'll still be around then :p I dunno though
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