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  1. The title should clear up most confusion, but to cover all my bases:
    1) Only Christian denominations will be discussed
    2)We aren't trying to be mean, just trying to please all you happy peppy people
    3)Don't post videos with language
    *More rules to follow as they will almost positively be needed*
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  2. I think it's great that people can express their religion without being criticized :)
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  3. And a question for those who believe in Jesus, do you think it is possible for Christ to sin? Like when He was tempted by satan. Do you think He had the ability to sin?
  4. i guess i'll start :D
    EDIT: I thought i was first D:
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  5. How about no hating on this thread
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  6. No. Jesus was perfect and lived a 100% perfect life, so it was not possible for him to sin. yes, he was tempted, but he never sined
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  7. My question was is it Possible for Him to have sinned? He was 100% God and 100% Man.
  8. Since he was 100% God, there was no possible way for him to have sinned. Even if he was 100% man
  9. Contradictory, He was 100%God making Him perfect, BUT being 100%man would mean He could be tempted to sin even to this day. My Bible teacher gave us this question and we didnt do anything else for an hour except for argue back and forth throwing out verses that contradict each other.
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  10. I don't understand is this a thread about Christianity or about Christian/catholic videos and thoughts?
  11. I think you can post both ;)
  12. oh.
    I want to say that during lent its not okay to give up candy every year, when you barely eat it anyways.
    I gave up potatoes. I love potatoes :(
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  13. Ah, I really hope this thread can be peaceful... Anywho, I'm not sure Dax, I think he could've sinned if he wanted to, but I'm not to sure. I'd post a video but I'm dead tired, I'll be sure to tomorrow.
  14. lolol, this made me laugh. but here, have a carrot! :D *hands you a carrot* do you like carrots?
  15. Not as much as potatoes...
    But more than candy.
  16. I thought yes he sinned once but it was gods will.
    FYI I'm a misunderstood boy. Baptised Christian, Learned Catholic. This is the story of my life.
  17. (no im not jking)
  18. People are posting songs so here's one lol
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  19. First, is this really any different from the [Amen] thread? Was another truly necessary?

    This question is kinda confusing, on one hand God and sin are complete opposites, if God sinned He would not be God. That is why Jesus had to die for us all, to wash away our sins so that we could enter God's holy presence in Heaven. God the Father cannot sin. But, God the Son became man, and the flesh is tempted continuously. If Jesus could not physically sin, then it would not have really been temptation. So, I think He could have, but never would have.
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  20. But if Christ could have sinned while he was on earth, can He still sin? Your answer was right on cddm cept that I dont think He could sin at all.
    Edit: The Amen thread was kinda derailed and didn't have very clear rules to make sure people were aware about what the thread is about.