Chorus Farming 101

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  1. Hey there! Today I'm taking a break from writing Eternity and I am teaching you guys about how to farm Chorus Fruit and getting a small one started.

    Chorus was introduced recently in 1.9, The Combat Update, from it you can harvest a fruit called Chorus Fruit. Finding Chorus is simple. Many shops on the Empire have it, but you can also find some in The End once defeating the Ender Dragon.

    Now to plant Chorus you will need End Stone, another item from The End and a Chorus Flower.

    Once you have these items simply place the End Stone and put the flower on top. Chorus Flowers can only be placed on End Stone and Chorus, but they require no water or sunlight like Nether Wart, yet like cactus can't be placed next to a block or another Chorus Flower. Chorus Flowers go through 5 stages of development, each stage they will produce some new stalk making the plant larger. Another Chorus Flower may grow during these stages on the stalk which itself will go through another 5 stages of growing. Once it is done growing it will appear like this.

    Once all flowers on the Chorus Stalk look like this, it is done growing and should be harvested. To harvest Chorus you MUST remove the fully grown flowers first, if you are using a water farm this is unnecessary. On average you will get about 5-6 Chorus Fruits and 1-3 Flowers depending on it's size. But you can get more. Now you must simply replant the Chorus Flower and the cycle begins anew.

    Chorus Fruit, the item that drops from the stalks. Can be used for food or in certain crafting recipes. When eaten it will randomly teleport you somewhere within 8 blocks on all 3 axes, but this has a 1 second cooldown timer before another use. If you happen to be mounted as of update 1.10, The Frostburn update, it will teleport you off it. If you put Chorus Fruit in a furnace it will become Popped Chorus Fruit which is used to craft End Rods and Purpur Blocks.

    And there you have it! How to farm Chorus. If you're looking for a farm design, there is many on the internet that do really well. Happy farming your Chorus towers.
  2. Great guide. :) I've actually created two farms. One for the flowers and one for the fruit. You can see them on my utopia res if you'd like.
  3. Thanks so much for this guide! I was wondering why I never harvested any flowers!
  4. Yes lots of people were wondering that! I did lots of research on them that's the only way I found out.
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  5. Very useful guide, I actually learned something. Heck, I'm going to check up on this in a few moments (bought my first fruit yesterday, so now I'm fully prepared to try and get more from it).

    Thanks again!
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  6. I got a (small!) addition :)

    I noticed that chorus actually adapts to its environment. Right now I have 2 "farms", I grow two chorus in my storage, within my tree farm, and the space is pretty limited. 15 blocks or so high. It grows just fine, but doesn't get too large. I usually get 2 -3 flowers from it.

    Next is my chorus farm outside (4 plants). That stuff sometimes grows even taller than my house is! :eek:

    So that might also help when you're starting a farm yourself.
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  7. Well done with this guide! It's pretty useful =)
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  8. Yes Chorus does do that also. The larger you make your farm the larger it can grow.
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  9. Thx for the guide, it really helped! :3
  10. Mentioned a water design? See here for a good way to replenish flowers.

    Great guide by the way!
  11. Thanks! And yes if you are using a water design you don't get any flowers back. What AmusedStew showed in the thread he made is one of the best current flower farms around.
  12. Made a small update as with 1.10 a new feature came for Chorus Fruit.
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  13. Yups, this is an old thread and I shouldn't bump it, but I am :) Well, sorta, but this deserves a bit of extra attention in my opinion. I can honestly say that it really helped me to get started with Chorus. And I've seen enough examples of players who tried to 'plant' stalks and other parts. So yeah ;)

    I started out with one flower, and the end result is this:

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  14. Wow, looks pretty nifty! Nice to know that this guide really helped people out.
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  15. Helpful guide, thanks Shell for (half kind of totally) bumping this so I could give it a read :p
    And a thank you to Shadow_Dcord for writing it of course :p
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  16. Thanks for this guide! I was so angry, I couldn't place chorus fruits, now I know why. ;)
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  17. I'd like to see a thread about all the pupur builds on EMC. Nice guide by the way.