Replenishing your chorus flowers.

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  1. There are many tactics to replenish the flowers, because using a water design to tear down the giant stalks only gives the little fruits back.

    Note: This design isnt mine, I took it from Xisuma (like most things I have lol). See here.

    How this works:
    The chorus grows up and over and thats it. It will grow 1-4 flowers. You then harvest flowers, tear down stalks, then repeat process. It is much easier this way b/c you dont have to tower up to get all the flowers or anything like that.

    Hope this helps... and I post in this forum section too often :rolleyes:
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  2. Ah, so you're aiming to have two different farms? One for fruit, one for flowers?
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  3. Yes, this is my fruit farm.

    Its not finished yet... takes a couple stacks of flowers to plant- just started my flower replenishing operation so gotta wait a bit to run it :)
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  4. Thanks for sharing your design!
  5. I have a design of my own, will post tomorrow. It's more compact, and can easily be used as a fruit farm instead by making a small modification. It produces about 32 flowers / 3 stacks of fruit per harvest.
  6. Hey, I've been doing the same thing! :D
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