Chest Problems, Making Access chests easier

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  1. Hey, (This is for the lazy people.)
    I recently did a auction for 10 dc's. It's takes up much space because you HAVE to put the sign above the chest in order for the player to access it. I am just suggesting that we could be able to put the signs on the sides of the chest or on the ground beside it. This way would be more like shop and teleport signs. Another plus would be that this would make our res's more space efficient. Would like this feature with LOCKED signs, Thanks.
    Here's a look at what I am talking about: 2014-04-14_22.36.54.png
    Here's the Auction, annoying to move all the chests: 2014-04-14_22.38.55.png
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  2. Note the beautiful sunset :p
  3. beautiful sunset?
  4. Well, with my neighbor's cobble wall in the way it would be a little better :p
  5. I absolutely agree to this, as I would love signs on the side of the chest, rather than the top.
    Like you said, a much more reasonable use of space in a res.
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  6. +10^(10^100) (googolplex)
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  7. Yus
  8. I agree with all except for the locked chest. Allowing the locked chest sign to be placed in more places means that you could lock multiple chests for the cost of 1000r as opposed to, say 3000r
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  9. I see the problem with locked chests, but how would you make multiple chests Locked from one sign, I may be wrong but I thought the chest would only read the closest sign
  10. Pic tomorrow.
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  11. Okay, thanks. Just a little confused
  12. The issue is that by doing a change such as this, it would expose access to OTHER chests that people do NOT want players to access... removing a grain of control into using access signs.

    Though I guess we could explore the idea of "unlocking the block its attached to" only as a 2nd measure, as that would be less likely to unexpectedly trigger an access.
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  13. Ah, never thought of that. But I like the idea of having the sign be unlocked to the block it's attached to, but would that be possible to do both?