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  1. If you didn't see this post please read it first:

    The first thing I am reworking is chat (channels / etc). During this time I also going to be working with d1223m. He is going to be creating an official client chat mod for EMC. It is going to feature things like channels in tabs, etc. So far here are the things on my list to improve during the reworking:

    • Supporters should auto be placed in supporter channel when they first become a supporter. Many supporters forget about this.
    • Active channel should be remembered cross server.
    • A quick way to respond to last whisper. Such as someone whispers to you, you can just start your message with a certain character (maybe ^ or @) and it will whisper back to them.
    • Work with d1223m to provide support for his chat mod.
    • Fix the /ignore system so that it actually works properly

    Any thing else (practical) the community would like to see change with chat and channels? I wont be do anything drastic at this point like adding custom "friends" channels or anything like that. But maybe little things that annoy you about it or could be a tad better.
  2. Can we have an option to enable or disabled:

    PLAYER Connected
    PLAYER Disconnected


    It can end up filling up a chat box on busier times.
  3. I really wish you could connected to server 9 and talk to someone on server 4 If you start a conversation with them.. that is what I reallllllly want.
  4. Would it be all or nothing? Or maybe by location, like in Wilderness you don't see it if someone joins or leaves in Town?
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  5. Although that is outside the scope of this project, it is something I have always planned and want to add :)
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  6. Yes I think you should only see when people disconnect in Town when your in Town, when I am alone mining I have to turn the chat off, it's really annoying to get all those messages
  7. I think the only reason you want that information appearing is if you're waiting for someone, be you in the Wild, Nether or Town.

    As such, a global on or off would be easiest solution I think.

    Generally, I don't want it on at all. It means nothing to me. If however I'm waiting for someone, I can /chat playerconnect ON until they appear and then /chat playerconnect OFF once they've arrived.

    I can't really see the benefit from having it spread across worlds and it'd only make more work for you.
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  8. Cross server chat is definitely an interesting feature. ( sounds messy to do )
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  9. Being able to turn on and off the connected and disconnected updates no matter where you are would be great. Even when i'm in town I don't really cares who is getting on and off, but especially in the wild
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  10. 60 people is hard to communicate with. 600?
  11. It would only be for whispers.
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  12. But Justin, what if this happened?
    1. Troll joins. PM trolls you
    2. You switch servers
    3. Still PM Trolls you.
    4. /ignore, My hero!
    5. Doesnt Block PM
    6. /ch off
    7. Goes to wild with diamonds
    8. Doesnt hear buddy call out creeper
    9. Dead. Rupees Lost.
  13. Can we do it so that we can create a group and that only people invited to that group can join and speak within the group
  14. Yeah, not everyone, just if you wish to speak to a friend on another server and syill work on your things.
  15. As I said this wont happen with this project.
  16. I deffenatly agree in the wild the disconnected messages are annoying as mentioned abouve, could we make them possible to turn of in the wild, or it only shows it for people near you
  17. I'd like to see the /ignore feature fixed so that way when someone starts a conversation with you, and you /ignore them, they can't continue to keep messaging you. I found that by logging off and back on, it can be fixed, but still. Ah, also the ability to unignore a player would be useful as well, unless there already is such a feature. I haven't actually /ignored anyone, so I am unaware of such things!
  18. Yes I should have added this to the list, I will be fixing this for sure!
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  19. I feel like I could explode into a bunch of tiny joyful ballerinas dancing their favorite ballet.. And maybe animal crackers.

    .. Because that is how excited I am about the new chat thingy. :D
  20. Mmmm, animal crackers...

    Sounds like a great idea Justin! It would be neat (although I'm sure next to impossible) to incorporate a sort of GUI for the chat. Like the ones in other MMO's, where you have little tabs for each channel, and even the ability to create your own channel, inviting only your friends/mining group/whatever.