Chaos Lair – Community Input

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  1. Welcome to my Chaos Lair!

    If the standard "The Strongest And Gappleist Survives" Mob Arenas don't grab your attention, this fresh spinoff of Mob Arena will. Same location, but all new dynamics, modes, twists, and turns to bring strategy and fun to the madness.

    The best part: This is your event. So I'm letting you all contribute to every element of it! Click into thread (or see below if already in it) for details.
    • Want to help decide the day and time of event? Go here.
    • Want to design an arena to be used during the event? Go here.
      • Be sure to review the rules at the top of the form in the link! Designs will be rejected if they do not meet those rules.
    • Want to contribute crazy (or even insane...) ideas for me to use during the event? Go here.
      • Sky's the limit on suggestions as long as it doesn't require command blocks/programming and it's within my ability as a minty to pull off. If in doubt on my ability, suggest anyway - I don't expect you to know everything I can do. :)
    Got any questions? Post them below and I'll get back to you ASAP.

    I look forward to seeing the arenas/suggestions and hearing from you all! Keep eyes open for the official event thread towards the end of the month announcing the date/time of the first event!
  2. You should add a special reward for the winners :3
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  3. The epic award of pride! They say it's priceless!
  4. now this is a great response, haha! I love it! :+1: :+1:
  5. Giant Burning Phantoms could be fun!:D
  6. this sounds like a event for me! bring it on
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  7. I’ll pass on this then I’ve gotten quite a good hunk of that from mob arena
  8. A Super Turkey, with a Marlix riding, riding a Marlix, riding a Marlix, riding a Marlix, riding a Marlix. The ultimate speed demon of death. No range is safe from his eyes :p
  9. I mean technically I didn't say nothing else would be involved. It's an event still in development after all 😛
  10. Sounds like an interesting event. I submitted the time to be any day after 9pm, but wouldn't mind an afternoon event either.

    If this gets to be a super hard event perhaps a rare item for the winner? Like the mob arena prizes but specifically for this event and even more rare? :eek:

    Cant wait to see what wacky ideas people come up with.
  11. Hm, interesting! I hope you'll have fun. :)
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  12. As if my ego wasn't big enough already

    But actually though, I'm super intrigued. Hope my self-imposed isolation (100% due to COVID) will let me make this event, whenever it ends up being. :)
  13. I should be able to attend in the future when it comes out. And I completely love this idea as well for chaos is in my description. :p
  14. Chin may be the Breaker of Things, and Hash the King of Cake, but Elfin... You are the Master of Chaos. ;)
    (As seen in the last two events I've held :rolleyes:)
  15. I have no responses. xD
  16. Poking this back up for more thoughts. I'm always open to whatever madness you want to contribute. :)
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  17. free for all mode with pvp on :D
  18. There is just one word to describe this: