Carl The Magnificient - SMP4 Mascotte

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The Magnificient. 18 vote(s) 85.7%
Is love, is life 8 vote(s) 38.1%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Attention peasants,

    All those who inhabit SMP4, the superiour server of Empire Minecraft, shall bow to their new mascotte:

    Carl The Magnificient.

    No words are needed to describe the miraculous happening of this godspawn:

    *Carl is love, carl is life.
  2. Carl is love, Carl is life.
  3. All HAIL Carl The Magnificent!!!
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  4. I refuse to obey. SMP4's server color is red, yet Carl is blue. D:
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  5. Banana is god. Banana is life. Banana is superior to peasant Carl

  6. Complaints from the neighbours, located at five,
    Carl the Magnificient decided to change his life.
    Turned in a muttony madmen, the raddest of all
    For this was him hometown, smp four!
  7. We need to get some punctuation in here to save the day.
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  8. This requires a 1 on 1 fight between Banana and Carl.
    Far relatives of smp6 have voiced their wishes!
  9. Carl The Mad God is life. Don't make him angry or he will use Fus Ro Bah on you. If you want to see Carl go to 8332
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  10. Day saved! :D
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  11. That poem made my day.
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  12. Although the outcome will be obvious, we'll have an epic showdown between Banana and Carl later...
  13. Are we giving each SMP a mascot now?
    I declare SMP7's be a Stone Slab.

  14. Some friends of mine made an actual facebook fanpage for a stone back in the day, wow the memories :confused:
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  18. wait. wat. since when? :confused:
  19. all hail the stone slabs of smp7 :D
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  20. Carl's looking pretty snazzy!