Cannot open my vault???

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  1. Hello, just starting today I cannot open my vault for some reason. It says I have to be in town to open it. I've been using it since I signed up, so what is happening? Thanks,

  2. during the wild reset they had free vault in the wild so people could tranfer stuff from their wild camps back to town.since the reset is over they took the pivalege away.
  3. The global vault access was a temporary feature for people to use so that they could more easily transport their items prior to and briefly after a total reset of all non-town worlds. Now it is back to the way it has always been, where the vault is only accessible from in town.
  4. ha beat ya to it.
  5. I want it back
  6. lol sorry thats not the way things work it can take away the survival aspect out of the game
  7. so do i.
  8. how does it take away the survival aspect of the game?
  9. How do I get it back?
  10. it takes all risk out of it. dont wanna lose your diamonds from creeper or lava? /vault it away until you get home.

    Edit: it will only work in town, this is how it has been since smp2 was introduced, it wont change.
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  11. in single when u find diamonds in a cave and u have a wall of creepers trying to take em do u just tp home and say "hahaha now what" nope u run strait at them blow up and join an anger management class :)
  12. and there is no way to get it back
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  13. wish they wouldn't have given the vault to me... I didn't know it was part of some special event so now I'm used to it. Frustration = less fun. There is a solution... just turn it on for those who want it on... like myself.
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  14. this would give those players an unfair advantage over others, and thats no good.
    and the fact that it was temporary was plastered all over the site.
  15. I wouldn't want to have an unfair advantage in a game of blocks. What if I promise that I'm not playing to compete with anyone. I find it fun and relaxing to dig some blocks, play with blocks, look at some imaginative constructions and occasionally talk to some others. I work all day and just want to have some fun before I go to bed... so this lack of bag space is irritating since it means less time building and more time running back and forth.
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  16. so u mean like a creative server which is just where u have infinite materials and let ur imagination do the work?
  17. if you have a lack of bag space, either dont bring as much with you, or dont keep every little odd and end you find, i can stay out in the wild for hours before i need to return to town to store items.
  18. I suppose that is one solution but still not as fun or cool as having the vault. How hard is it to turn back on?
  19. I do like the survival aspect better than pure creative. I also like having the vault and survival. They go together so well.
  20. i dont know, but the vault wasnt originally implemented to be used as a backpack, it was so that you can transfer items from server to server.
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