Can you go into the wasteland outpost?

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  1. So the weirdest thing...

    Getting ready to get some sleep I decided to test one last theory I had; the option of going back onto the outpost without using the stairs. And yes; I know you don't have to (as soon as you're in the protected area you can tp to town), but I wanted to know (with all the water & vines)...

    So I go to the waste, jump of a random side (did make sure that there was water below :D) and climbed up. It works.



    I knew I spotted something weird when I fell down. I tried going back to that same spot (south side) and for sure, there is some kind of hallway there. So far I tried everything (but I'm not quite sharp atm, bedtime, and I don't play much parkour for that matter) but... Can you get in there?

    The problem is that the vine I'm climbing (I'm also using water stream behind me) is on the side. The vine in front of me continues but as you might see it hangs in mid-air in front of me. So you can't use it (I think) as leverage to swoop / skid left and into the hall.

    And the vine on my left is also not of much help; also because of the vine in front of me; it drags me a little up and then I seem to miss the jump.

    I get the idea that timing with jumping is key here but... anyone managed this before?

    Guess I now know what I'll be doing Friday evening :p
  2. Oooh intrigued ima check this out
  3. Which outpost on which server?
  4. Il join you, with a magical thing called ender pearls :p
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  5. heh, a little (well known) secret of the outposts.
    You'll find that in every wastelands spawn.
  6. This is not exclusive to one outpost on one server :) As RainbowChin said above...
  7. Must... find... this! Cant find this! I have spent 3 hours searching
    EDIT: Found it :p
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  8. Oh my wow I have to see this! Even more motivation to find an end portal on SMP5 to get to that enderman farm!
  9. <facepalm>

    I told you I was a bit slow up there. Hmm, I can spare a few minutes. Ok that does it :p
  10. I did it, I did it, I did it!

    Thanks Luka, much appreciated, slipped you a little something to share in the victory!

    So now I wonder if I can troll my fellow players a wee bit by putting a record into that jukebox :D But that has to wait for Friday, or when I'm lucky later this evening :)

    SO... Go to the South side of the outpost. There are a few waterfalls there and one will be close to a vine. Take that vine down, keep looking to your right and you'll see soon enough.

    As Lukafolz up there already said: the magic of Enderpearls. You will need to skid around a little bit so that you can throw the pearls through the vines. Ha, yesterday evening I wasn't too happy with those vines hanging in the air, now I am :)

    Unfortunately I won't be trolling my fellow players. Should have known this: don't have the container flag so I cannot access the jukebox. Oh well, it was a fun idea while it lasted :cool: However, I can still use that enchantment table and I bet that enchantments made here will be much more powerful than the ones at home ;)

    (just like my "Enchantment table dipped in lava" makes much hotter enchantments than regular ones ;))

    At least I know I wasn't dreaming last night ;) This is pretty cool actually!
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  11. Cool! You got to stand on the ground right under it and throw an enderpearl at the roof of the tunnel.
    I enchatnted a diamond sword with 7 levels, knockback 1.xD
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  12. Oh, I didn't actually know about that, that's cool!
    I almost can't believe you didn't try ender pearls... :p
  13. Good try but you will never find my candy stash!
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  14. Well, I was just done fixing a stupid DNS issue on a customer server after I decided to hop online for a quick moment to relax a bit. It was already a wee bit past my bedtime, so yeah, I wasn't exactly sharp up there.

    Aha, so there is a candy stash to be found huh? Well, good to know. I'll add that to my todo list then!
  15. BAM! IDEA.

    "Easter Eggs" wiki page. To those who argue that this should not be revealed on the wiki: Why not? The wiki is supposed to be a source of all information. Hell, after some arguing, the Not Special Dirt promo was added, even though it was a joke.
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  16. Fully agreed. In fact, I'm going to work on that a little bit this weekend and make an official suggestion out of it. And for the record: credit where credit's due, I wouldn't have it any other way. You'll see what I mean (provided staff likes the idea of course) :)
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  17. Well, and an update. I made the page (which initially featured the credits and this example) and we discussed things amongst team members. But the staff doesn't really like the idea because it somewhat defeats the purpose of the Easter eggs; makes it too easy to find and also less special.

    I can say that I'm in the middle myself; I like the idea and IMO it adds to the purpose of the wiki, but I can also see their point. And well, to put this blunt (but this isn't as rough as it sounds): obviously the staff has the final say in things ;) Alas; for that reason I whacked most of the page just now.

    Anyway; I think you deserve an update, so here ya go. We gave it a good, serious, try.
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  18. I cant find a way into the spawns.