Can you get the world border texture?

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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    I need the world border texture for something but have not been able to find it, either in the game's files or on the internet. Is there anyone technical or very good at finding stuff here that can help me? :p I feel like it must be possible to get it somehow... it doesn't need to be animated.
  2. I'd send it to you but I don't know the legalities. BUUUUT. If you find your .minecraft folder, go to "versions" then what ever version you need (it'll probably be the same for any version but I'll use 1.12.2) then using an application like WinRAR, open the .jar file. From there open "assets", then "Minecraft", then "textures", then "misc" and finally "forcefield.png"
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  3. Still using Windows 7 are we? :p
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  4. Still using windows 7 are we?
  5. Wow rude.
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  6. Haha, thank you, but I know that. :p I suppose I should've clarified that I'd already got plenty of other textures.
    But thanks, forcefield it is! The dumb thing is that I actually figured it would be in misc, and I looked through it, but for some reason I saw "pumpkinblur", "underwater", "shadow", "unknown_pack", "unknown_server" and "vignette", but not "forcefield" (and also not "enchanted_item_glint"). Strange. :p
  7. "Forcefield" is such a weird name honestly.
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  8. Is it though? I consider that a pretty standard word in the sci-fi realm.
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  9. It's funny but it was weird finding it :p
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  10. Interesting, I never knew that the world border has an actual texture file. I always thought it was hard-coded, just like lightning?

    Nice discovery guys!! :D
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  11. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the effort that went into making this gif for the sake of a comprehensive explanation
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  12. It was actually lots of fun.
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  13. I'm sorry, I indeed should have appreciated it! The problem is that I tend to feel doubted when someone explains something I already know. :p It was also kind of annoying when replying to the post, as I was too lazy to remove the gif from the page or type elsewhere, and it was distracting me. :rolleyes: But yes, it's cool!
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