Can this place be protected area?????

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by xxcapmanxx, Feb 2, 2013.

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    There's this big giant building made by schlaf82 and he built a giant structure in the wild an why do i say i want this place protected is because it's right next to smp8 spawn and there is many griefers that may want to destroy this great unfinished structure and i would not want to see this place get destroyed and yes i know there's a rule that you can't grief but what if nobody is even there to report it just a large destroyed building and leaving us not knowing what happened so can it please be made into a protected place of smp8 ¬_¬ (i did not post photos of it because i am afraid it will get maybe a griefer's attention and i find it hard to post one photo but the place can be seen) π_π on second thought i will post some and also its pretty much a place for schalf so that he can finish the structure without him having a risk to not loose a large building
  2. If this tower is so big, pictures won't matter. Post them anyway. They won't make any moves unless its professional looking. If its made of cobble they probably won't protect it.
  3. lol you posted the comment to early sorry but now i posted sorry i posted the picture or some i guess 2 plus to be sure i just posted them :p
  4. No one gets special treatment.
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  5. They will never protect this. They just don't protect things in the wild unless it is a special staff made thing but those are usually bedrock.
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  6. "What's that you say? You foolishly built something right next to spawn?
    Of course we'll protect if for you! :)"
    -No member of staff
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  7. i was not the one that built it anyways i just want to help a friend not loose his big structure
  8. All you need to do is wait for the dragon egg update...Which we dont know when will start.
    Then You must find a portal which are extremely hard to find.
    Then you must kill a ender dragon to gain the egg...
    But by then i bet this place will be griefed...:p
  9. In all fairness, if he wanted to keep it, he shouldn't to keep it, he shouldn't have built close to spawn should he?
  10. The eggs wont work right next to spawn:p
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  11. man well i guess even everybody hates this D: well i guess it was just a big waste of time and then just wait for somebody to post "it was" :mad:
  12. You could have wandered out a couple thousand blocks and built it... This goes to the person who built it.
  13. yea well the whole point was to make this place at least make the place protected
  14. Even though you should have knows you can't have it protected.
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  15. Not only does nobody get special treatment, but why would you build so close to the spawn, if you are indeed AWARE of the risks of being griefed? me and Kephras built, an hours travel from the spawn, we got griefed ONCE, a lot of our work was destroyed, but we arent protected. the most you can do is lock the chests and hope for the best.
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  16. Wild protection is coming .. someday..
  17. Too close to spawn to be protected though.
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  18. Well then, that escalated quickly.
  19. and plus then forget it only negative negative negative not one positive
  20. Well you asked us if it was possible and we answered you as best as we could. The answer is no, unfortunately.
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