can i have some help please?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Guilll, May 27, 2016.

  1. Hello EMC,
    I will be away the next week and I will not have internet :p can someone please vote for me on topg and any others if possible :p. this will help loads because i nearly have a full voters armor set and i dont want to loose my bonus xD
    Thanks sooo much :p -Guill
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  2. Got ur back bro
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  3. Just to avoid confusion: I'm pretty sure Guill means voting on those sites for the whole week :)
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  4. Yeah man I got his back
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  5. thanks CallumDAKing it has been very helpful :) do you want a 3k thank you?! :D
  6. I used /p Guill in game and it says that your account hasn't voted for 8 days?
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  7. hmmm wut ._.
  8. CallumDA you said you where going to vote for the week :(
  9. i have lost 8 vote bonus :/ i am very annoyed
  10. You will lose it when you vote again :p
  11. yep i just found that out :(
  12. On the bright side though you still got your automated sign in bonusses so you earned money while being away. But I can sure understand the disappointment. But pick up voting again and you should back up in no time.
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