Can boys and girls be friends...?

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Do you think boys and girls can be friends?

Yes 103 vote(s) 90.4%
No 11 vote(s) 9.6%
  1. I know it's an obvious's a yes. My best friend is a girl..but the thing that made me ponder this question is this:
    We both found we have alot in common with our lives...and in our taste in music and shyness. A year ago, when I first met her, I told one of my classmates she was fit. Then a few months later, in May, I popped up to her on Facebook.

    After about a week, we had talked everyday for atleast 2 hours a day. And then in August, during the summer, we talked for hours...She very quickly built her way up to being my best friend and making me feel like I could tell her anything - it was the same for her too. Except I became her "crush" - and not her best friend.

    In September, I think I pretty much fell head over heels for her - and then got myself really upset when I told myself I could never date her. We talked for even longer during October and November - and then the day my school broke up for Christmas her friend asked me if I liked her - I asked why and I found out I was my best friend's crush.

    On Monday, I told my friend I liked her...and he, without my permission, asked her out. She took it as a joke, and he started to annoy her, so she told him to *I censored this myself :D* off. We've been talking from as soon as I get home until I or she goes to bed - but I told her I liked her, and I asked her out myself, and she said she didn't want to ruin our friendship, so she said no. And i'm OK with that, but being friends is harder when you know you both like eachother and trust eachother alot...

    I've read somewhere that boys and girls, when friends, usually end up liking eachother...and then their friendship crashes and burns when they date and break up.

    So, in your honest opinion, do you think boys and girls can be friends?
  2. Yes, they can, I have many friends that are girls and we never have any problems
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  3. you have the same problem as me, i have yet to ask my girl out... i wont see her again after this year :(

    but im voting no, as my sister is a pain -.-
  4. lol

    I think yes because me and fermat are friends.
  5. My wife is my best friend.

    Or did you mean can they be "just" friends?
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  6. I think everyone gets into a situation like that at some point in their life.
    I find that time is the greatest healer of all. If something goes wrong, give it time to sort itself out.
    Your friend will begin to miss you and want things to go back to how they were.
    Dont rush delicate situations.
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  7. Of course a girl and a boy can be friends :)
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  8. Sort of.
    In my situation, I became too close to her and I ended up really liking her.
  9. same
  10. Well, it seems like you just said that it's obvious they can be friends, and then told a story disproving yourself XD

    I have to say that they can't be friends, just because thats how guys normally work.
  11. Once she friendzones you then yes :)

    And other way around :)
  12. Since the first grade, at least, my best friend was a girl. I see no reason why girls and boy can't be friends. Although in the world we live in, people tend to think that being a boy, or a girl, should place you in a social category, and you should only have friends that are girls or boys, and hanging out with a person of the opposite gender, well they expect the worse. So, yes, you can be friends with a girl, I still talk to my friend. She is even getting married this summer. :)
  13. Why would this question even come up? The answer is: No le deur.
  14. I hate when people say that.
    Theres nothing wrong in having a girl/boy friend.
  15. Why? ._.
  16. I don't think the question is "Girl or boyfriend", I think it means regular friends.
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  17. By No le deur, I mean "No duh, they can".
  18. Dang it soul, keep the poll open to see who voted no.
  19. Oh, ok xD
  20. There can't be a definite answer. In your adolescence, when your still stumbling trying to comprehend this whole "love" thing (plus our societies constant pressure to find love), it is likely to grow attached to a female friend, as you already have a good starting point with them, and it more difficult for a female friend to be JUST a friend. But I'm not really a wealth of knowledge on any subject involving the whole "love" thing (I think I've explained why before).
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